Mouse Removal - The Hard Way!

Ok, so you are lying in the tub, having a nice hot soak, when you hear something running in the ceiling right above the tub. You go quiet, and really listen, and you can hear it again. It sounds big!. You leap out of the tub, and wonder just how to catch a mouse or maybe even mice, or maybe its a raccoon! Either way, you are not getting back in the tub.

There are ways to go about this. The first is to ask yourself how you feel about having the mouse survive the catching and letting him go free, or having him come to a "sudden end' in those traditional mice traps.

How to Catch a Mouse - My experience. Our house is built in such a way, with cathedral style ceilings, that there is no attic. Basically roof, insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall ceiling. EXCEPT in the bathroom where there is a regular ceiling leaving a 2 x 2 foot dormer space above. That would be our only attic. Due to the size, there is not attic entrance. So, when we heard the scurry of little feet, we wondered how they got it.

Our house exterior is stucco, and apparently they have no problems climbing stucco. So after further examination, it was felt they were getting in at the soffit area of the roof, which is 2 stories off the ground.

Anyways, we never heard it again, until one day, there was this jumping noise in the wall. My daughter took the baseboard off and cut a little hole in the drywall at the baseboard level (As an electrician she has helped other homeowners with chewed wires do the same!) She made one little hole, and a nose peeked out.

It appears the mouse had fallen from the dormer in the ceiling down the wall cavity and couldn't get back up, that was the jumping noise. Of course all the calmness of the day went out the window when our cats came running in the bathroom. The mouse bolted.

It is not a big room, and with the cat now chasing this mouse around the bathroom, banging its head on the tub and toilet, we instantly shut the bathroom door with my hubby and I and the crazy cat and mouse now inside. This stopped it from getting into the rest of the house, but now we were trapped in there with it. The mouse ran everywhere at high speed including over our feet and up our legs with a nasty cat in hot pursuit. I am not a "fearful" person, but I did manage a scream at that point.

Looking around for anything, I was about to throw a towel on it, when hubby finally managed to use a wide mouth glass he found by the sink, and when the cat got it cornered and was about to leap for his new found snack, he got the glass over the mouse.

The cat was livid. Now shoving a magazine page under the glass we went downstairs to go outside and let him go, with 2 cats in tow. By this point our 2 big dogs wanted in on the action. Little did we know this was about to get worse.

How to Catch a Mouse - As we are laughing outside about the experience, I said to hubby. "I am kind of surprised there was only one mouse". We went back inside after seeing the little mouse run into my garden for his life. Our dogs (85 pounds and 65 pounds) plus 2 cats are now all in this upstairs little bathroom, barking, hissing and things are flying all over the place.

I guess while we were busy trying to catch the one, the others were waiting until the coast was clear! Maybe the first one was a decoy! A couple more are now running around the bathroom. So, in we go again with the glass, and trying to stop the dogs from trashing the place. (Our one dog eats rodents if she finds them in the yard).

Finally we got them. But this is NOT how to catch a mouse.

I picked up a few ideas from other people on just how to catch a mouse in the house. There are some pretty easy ways actually, and this one works well.

How To Catch a Mouse With Cardboard - Take a cardboard tube, such as from paper towels, and head to the room you think there are mice in. Or if you think they are in your kitchen, then put this little homemade mouse trap on the end of your counter.

So, basically you have this cardboard tube. At one end put a piece of "old cheddar" something really stinky that will attract them. They love crawling through tunnels, so they will not be scared of this. But you need to do this before you go to bed, or while you are out, as they don't normally roam around if they think you are home.

Find yourself a empty waste basket with slippery sides, such as smooth plastic or metal. Since mice can climb well, (remember, they managed to climb 2 stories up the side of a stucco house to the roof), and place this waster basket under the end of the cardboard tube.

By having it balance on the edge of the counter with the piece of cheese in one end, as soon as the mouse enters the tube and gets his weight on the part that is not on the counter, the whole thing should fall into the waste basket. You might want to put something a bit soft in the bottom if it is a big drop, so he doesn't die in the fall.

A friend swore by this, and it does work. I thought it was too obvious a trap, but they fall for it. Another thing they do like is those saltine crackers if you don't have any cheese. Plus you can just keep reusing this great homemade mouse trap.

Make sure and check your container often, as you don't want it to starve to death (you could leave some crackers in the bottom of the container) Then take your container put a lid on it, and take it outside. Find some woods or something and let it go. This is a great humane way to catch a mouse.

This idea sounds much better, then how I did it with pets barking, scratching and hissing. Toilet paper flying everywhere, shampoo bottles, and two jumpy adults armed with a glass and a magazine page. I much prefer the cardboard tube! So now you know how to catch a mouse!

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