No one likes the idea of living with roaches and on that day that you see a roach running across your room you understand that it is now time to take measures against the roaches before they make themselves too comfortable.  One of the ways to go about this arduous task is by using roach baits. 

Roach baits will turn what would be a difficult task into a cakewalk by basically allowing the insects to commit suicide without even knowing it.  It is a great tool to use against the pests and if used correctly will eliminate them faster than you will realize.

Thorough Job

Roach bait is one of the best ways to get rid of roaches because through the use of the bait all of the roaches will be effected.  Sprays are another tool that can be used in your fight against roaches, but they are not as effective in dealing with the pests mainly because the large majority of the roaches that are invading your house you will not see or come into contact with and therefore will not be able to deal with personally. 

Baits take the middle-man (you) out of the equation by going forward and dealing with the pests personally.  After the first roach eats the insecticide then it will take the insecticide back to its home and contaminate the other roaches through its feces and its body after it is killed, which are both eaten by other roaches.  The bait allows you to do other things while the roaches kill themselves off.

Boric-Acid Bait

One type of bait that is favored among many is the Boric-acid bait.  Boric acid is a long standing tool in pests control and is extremely useful against insects.  The acid is safe and considered “green” because it is safe for the environment and is no more dangerous to humans than common table salt.  This statement does not hold true for insects however, because this substance dries out their bodies and kills the insects in a good amount of time. Boric acid has very low toxicity and does not produce fumes, which makes it one of the most effective and well known insecticides used to date. 

Another great fact about boric acid is that it can be found in most homes and is very easy to acquire even if you do not own it. To use it as a roach bait just put out some food and sprinkle on a little bit of boric acid, not enough to drive away the insects due to the taste, and let it sit.  It should only take a day to see results, when the bait is done just add some more until the roaches stop eating from it, because by then they are all gone.