If you have never fished for walleyes in rivers you are really missing out on some great walleye fishing action. Once water temperatures drop below 60 degrees it is time to head to the rivers of the Northland and fish for walleyes. Walleye fishing is not difficult as long as you know what you are doing. River walleye fishing using Rapala stickbaits can be very rewarding given you have a little knowledge of what you are doing. A great winter river walleye fishing technique is trolling upstream with three-way rigs using Rapala stick baits.

Once you become proficient at this presentation, you can begin using several rods to troll at once. Before you do that though, make sure that you check the local laws that govern how many rods an angler can use at once.

Things You Will Need

Boat with rod holders

Trolling rods

Three way swivels

Fluorocarbon fishing line

2-ounce sinkers

Rapala Husky Jerks

Step 1

Tie a 10 inch piece of fluorocarbon line onto one of the loops of a three-way rig. Tie one of your 2-ounce sinkers onto the other end of this line. After you are done the sinker will hang 6 - 8 inches below the three-way rig. Tie the second loop to your main line.

Step 2

Take a 5-foot long piece of fluorocarbon line and tie a Rapala Husky Jerk onto it. Size HJ08 fits the bill just fine. This 3 1/8 inch long stick bait is the perfect size for cold-water walleye fishing. I like colors such as the Glass Pink Clown, Glass Clown, or Glass Purple Sunfire. These bright colors show up very well in the dingy waters of the north land rivers.

Step 3

Drop your rig straight down to the bottom of the river. You will feel a thump once the sinker hits. Once this happens click the reel and place it into a rod holder. Repeat these steps for each rod you are going to use and then begin moving your boat slowly upstream.

Step 4

Best places to fish for walleyes in rivers are along drop offs or break lines. Position your boat on the downstream end of a drop off or break line, drop your lines in, and then move upstream. I like to troll upstream between 1 and 2 mph. It is not wrong to move up and down the drop off because lots of walleyes relate to them.

Step 5

Constantly adjust your rods. You want your sinkers to be bouncing on the bottom and not dragging on it. Your rods require so much attention that it is best to have one angler driving the boat and the other tending to the rods.

Three way rigging with Rapala Husky Jerks is a great way to fish for river walleyes. If you enjoy walleye fishing, this is a presentation that you should add to your arsenal.

So, if you like to fish this is a presentation you really need to practice this fall. Besides, with the short days, there is time to fish and watch football!.

Tips & Warnings

Bring up your rigs periodically to inspect the lures for debris. If leaves and other bottom debris get caught on the trebles, you are wasting your time.

This is what it is all about!

The author with a huge walleye
Credit: Ted Takasaki

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