If you are in a relationship and have an inkling that something fishy is going on you have surely already wondered how to catch your spouse cheating. Catching your spouse cheating is not really hard to do if you know how to go about it and what to look for. Unfortunately, infidelity is a big issue in a lot of marriages. It is quite widespread and causes a lot of heartaches and ends up breaking a lot of unions, inflating the divorce rate further. Infidelity is quite common in both males and females.

Signs of cheating spouse

One day you see your wife or husband and sense something is there. You just don't know what it is but your gut instinct is telling you there might be another man or woman in his or her life. You've made your decision to go to the bottom of things and you want to know how to catch your spouse cheating. In order to catch a cheating spouse you have to look for the signs of a cheating spouse. What are these signs then? Well, there are many. What you need to look for is change. Change in your spouse's habits, changes in the way your partner dresses, behaves, talks, etc. Think about it, if your spouse starts to cheat he will try to impress his sexual partner: does he/she suddenly takes better care of his/her appearance? Does he/she starts wearing perfume when he/she didn't before? Does he/she suddenly want to start working out? Does he/she is taking more frequent showers? Etc.

What you also need to look out for is change in your partner's attitude. It can here goes both ways. Cheating spouses usually start criticizing the person they live with more (they are in effect comparing you with their cheating mate and holding your shortcomings against you) or on the other end of the spectrum they start to be more attentive, more romantic, what happens here is they are compensating the guilt they feel for cheating on you. Now let's be clear here, these signs taking separately do not mean your spouse is cheating on you and you shouldn't interpret it as such however when a person is showing various of these signs then you may want to look into things further.

How to catch your spouse cheating

Short of catching your spouse frolicking with another man or woman, catching a cheating husband or wife demands a bit of preparation. You need to be sure your spouse is doing the dirt because if you accuse your companion wrongly it could seriously damage or indeed break your relationship so be careful as it is a double edge sword. Also know that to spy on a cheating spouse can be illegal depending on where you live so always check with the laws to make sure you are not doing something illegal.

What you might want to do, if the law permits, is to monitor phone calls, screen your spouse emails or even install hidden cameras in your room if you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you in your house while you are gone. We won't go into more details, a quick search online will reveal many programs that can do this kind of things for you. All the information given here is for information purposes only, behave responsibly and obey your local laws. There you have it now you know how to catch your spouse cheating, in any case we hope your fears are not justified and wish you a happy relationship.