Valentine's Day(83504)

                                                   Valentine’s Day- It is that time of the year when people yearn to be with their near and dear ones. But by some twist of fate sometimes couples are left stranded on different parts of the world, forced to spend this day apart. Well there may be several reasons like business trips, family emergencies or odd shifts in work, due to which couples find themselves spending Valentine’s Day alone without their better halves. Even if one can come to terms with the reasons for this separation from each other, it does not make handling the situation any easier. One is bound to feel lonely and dejected. But everything is definitely not doom and gloom for there is still some hope for those couples who are spending Valentine’s Day apart. Instead of wallowing yourself in misery, there are ways you can turn this day around and make it a lot more fun. This article tries to explore those options.

                                For those couples who are in long distance relationships, the pain of being separated on Valentine’s Day may not be as acute as they are already accustomed to spending important occasions apart. However, still there are ways by which they can make Valentine’s Day a more joyous occasion. On way is to rent the same movie and watch it together, while chatting on the phone. Your telephone bill may go through the roof but if you have access to free evening minutes you can utilize it to have that priceless feeling of togetherness with your partner, albeit for a little while. One may even consider ordering the same type of food and have it the same time. These little things may appear innocuous but will definitely help you feel closer to your partner.

                                  For those couples who suddenly find themselves alone on Valentine’s Day because of an unexpected business trip or family emergency, spending Valentine’s Day apart may indeed prove to be a very tough pill to swallow. However, a little bit of pre planning on the couple’s part can help mitigate the crisis. They should start making plans for Valentine’s Day as soon as they realize that they will be spending it apart. In fact they may even prepone or postpone Valentine’s Day celebrations as per their convenience. It is also important for these couples to maintain at least a semblance of contact on the D day, be it via phone or email. This connection is necessary to make them feel together in some way and prevent them from getting too lonely. One can also have flowers delivered to loved ones which is considered a very touching and thoughtful gesture.  

                                    People who work in odd shifts, for example doctors, policemen and firefighters, may have no other option but to spend this day alone. Such people however, are used to such punishing schedules and can eke out time for their loved ones. For these couples the best way to cope with being alone on Valentine’s Day is to celebrate it when it is more convenient.

There is an overwhelming urge amongst couples for being together on Valentine’s Day. Although 14th of February is undoubtedly the day of love, sometimes it is important to remember that we love our partners every day and do not really need any special day to prove it.