This will be a trick of light, or color, whatever science you agree with. This will have not very much to do with emotions, though it may if you are one of the sensitive ones that really react to colors. And if you are one of the sensitive ones, then you would know that certain colors make you have more or less patience, become more or less generous and so on, the same theory as red cars being stolen or stole from because red attracts, but for some people, it does the opposite. Color also has to do with lighting, because color is light, but that's not the point, the point is, the color in your eyes will react to the color around it (or what it picks up) and thus, commonly with hazel eyes, will change color.

Any who,
To make your eyes more golden or honey colored, use the colors;
honey, golden, brown, gray, gold, violet, blue or olive green colored eye shadow and apply the black/brown mascara and brown/black eyeliner. Or wear a gold, orange, purple, brown, grey, or blue clothing.

To make your eyes more blue or gray, use the colors;
turquoise, dark blue, light blue, grey, silver, and your wide range of purples for your eye shadow, shirt, or scarf.

To make your eyes more green, use the colors;
Bright greens, emerald green, moss green. And use black mascara and eyeliner.

This changing of the eye color is not just with hazel eyes though, all eye colors have different shades, even the really dark ones that look almost black. I know this because at some point in time, I had become obsessed with what human eyes can show, they are, the only thing that connects us to the outside world, why wouldn't they be more than an organ with color depending on your genetics? When someone is happy, happy from the inside out, happy enough for you to feel it when you walk by and make you turn around and see where that great positive feeling is coming from, their eye color will most likely brighten. Whether it be black to light chocolate color, or brown to light-honey or even green, hazel to green or light brown, blue to almost-white-blue, or gray to bluish or white. Eye color will change.

There is another way in changing the color in your hazel eyes and making it stand out is hair color. Yes, hair color. I will give you the best hair color you can get to make your eyes stand out.

If your skin is olive, dye your hair darker, preferably the blackest black.

If your skin is sallow, dye your hair auburn or wine colors.

If your skin is ruddy, dye your hair golden brown, or dark auburn.

If your skin is pale, dye your hair blackest black, chestnut or auburn colors.