It is so frustrating to open it door and see, well, nothing because it is dark. One of three things has happened, the main-power is out, it is unplugged or your light-bulb burnt out. The three fixes for this problem are easy too. If it is plug it in. If the power is out, wait for the power to be restored. If the light-bulb in the dryer has burnt out, don't worry it is an easy fix. You don't have to be an able do it yourselfer to change the light-bulb in your clothes-dryer. You also do not need any expensive specialty bulbs. light-bulbs are sold specifically for clothes-dryers, but it is not necessary to spend double, triple or more for the light-bulb. An ordinary light-bulb in the correct wattage will do the job, safely and effectively.


Unplug it from the wall socket. Never work on any electrical appliances when they are plugged in, it can cause an electrical shock and/or a fire in it.

Open the door of it.

Shine a flashlight into it and find the plastic cover that fits over the light-bulb. You may need someone to hold the flashlight or you can just prop it up inside. Finding someone to help is probably the most difficult part of this repair job.

Turn the plastic light-bulb cover in a clockwise direction to remove it.

Unscrew the old light-bulb.

Screw in a new 25 to 40 watt light-bulb. Do not use any light-bulb that is greater than 40 watts. You do not need a special light-bulb either, you can use any household light-bulb with the correct wattage. Higher wattage light-bulbs than indicated by the manufacturer can cause a fire.

Line up the arrow or notches on the plastic light cover, turn the cover in a counter clockwise direction to secure it back in place.

Plug it back into your outlet.

And Viola! You will now have the light restored in it. Try it, close the door and open it again, no more dark dryer.