Changing Toner of a LaserJet Printer

You may have changed an ink cartridge or two if you have an ink printer at home. For the most part, they're pretty simple. Open the top hatch, wait for the printer motor to move to the middle so you can reach it, pop out the old one and put in the new one. Most people never have to deal with laserjet printers at home, but will use them at the workplace. It's a completely different beast and if your asked to change the cartridge, you may be daunted over because you have now idea how to change the toner of laserjet printers.

How To Change Toner

  • Firstly, check to see that it is indeed time to replace the laserjet toner cartridges. On almost all printers, there should be some way to check. There could be a button to display the toner levels, or there could be an option to print out the status of the toner supplies using the onboard computer. Since printer models can differ so much, the best way to figure out how to check the status of the toner would be to check the manual. But it shouldn't be hard to use some common sense and play around with the laserjet panel and buttons to find this option. There are 4 different cartridges for 4 different colors - black, cyan, magenta and yellow.
  • If you don't have the correct toner to change it yet, you can find out the correct one by either searching online for the printer model and the type of toner it needs, or you can open the printer yourself (see below) and write the model number to order a new one.
  • Now that you know that you need to change toner, as well as which type of toner cartridge, open the door that houses the toner inside the printer. Again, how to do this can differ greatly between different laserjet printers, but there should be a big hatch in plain sight on the chassis.
  • Assuming you have the replacement toner cartridge in hand, take the new one out of the box but leave it in the sealed bag for now. Remove the old cartridge from the printer and put it in the box. There is a plastic handle on it to easily take it out and carry it.
  • Take the new one out of its bag and pull out the plastic strip using the tab located on the side of the toner cartridge. Be careful not to get toner all over the place in the process.
  • Shake up the new toner cartridge (not vigorously, but a little side to side motion and rotation should do.)
  • Slide it in the empty slot in your printer. It should go in without much force at all, so if it's not going in, it's not oriented correctly.
  • Close the hatch and voila!
  • DO NOT THROW AWAY THE OLD ONE! You want to send it back in so they can recycle the toner cartridges. Take the toner recycling information out of the package. Put the old cartridge in the bag, which goes in the box, and then close it up. Stick the shipping label included on the front of the box (don't worry, postage is already paid for) and then give it to the post man.