Unfortunately many people with lots of psychic energy do not know how to channel it properly in order to use it. Often this can lead to spiritual, mental and physical problems which seem unexplainable. If you learn to properly channel your psychic powers, these side effects will disappear and a new world of psychic experiences will instead be opened up to you.

Whether you have ambitions to be a tarot reader, numerologist, rune diviner, spiritual healer or clairvoyant, you will need to be able to channel your psychic energies. These paranormal abilities come about by channeling higher spirits. Therefore, if you frequently experience deja vu, have vivid dreams or are very easily hypnotized, for example, perhaps it's time to begin practicing your channeling.

How to Channel Your Psychic Powers:

Take a hot bath or shower before your channeling sessions if possible. Not only does this cleanse you for better channeling, but it helps to relax your mind.

You need a quiet place to do your channeling. You should do it in the same place and time every day for around quarter of an hour. Choose your spot carefully. It should be free from distractions and noise and be available for you to use at your regular time. Don't worry if you miss a session. You should look upon these times as relaxing and enjoyable. There is no need to panic if you can't do it every day. Just try and do it daily when you can.

Surround yourself with scented candles or burning incense. This will help to make the atmosphere relaxing. Make sure you are sitting comfortably. Sit in an armchair, if you prefer, or sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Whichever position you feel comfortable in is best.

When you are comfortable, start to concentrate on how you are breathing. Inhale deeply. Notice your stomach expanding each time you inhale and breathe out slowly. Expel all of the air before you inhale again. As you focus on your breathing, clear your mind. Get rid of any thoughts that pop into your head and ignore any that keep coming back until they go away. For the first few sessions, just do this exercise. Focus on your breathing and on clearing your mind.

When you are able to relax your body and mind, you will be in a more susceptible state to channel higher spirits. When you feel you are ready, ask entities to come and contact you. You can ask either aloud, or mentally, for this contact. Alternatively, you can wait for an entity to come by itself to contact you. You could ask for your spirit guide to contact you, or ask for contact from the highest beings of light. If you are unhappy with contact from a particular entity, just ask it to go away. Permission for contact is often overlooked, but it is important that you remain in control. Entities will leave if they are asked to. The problems happen when people don't remember they have control over this process.

When channeling your psychic powers, you might feel numbing, or experience tingling sensations. You may just have a vague feeling that someone is present. You might feel that your thoughts are not your own. However you experience it, you will know that it is happening. Any connections you make, or messages you get, will get clearer with practice. Channeling psychic energies for communication with the dead can seem quite dramatic. Often, when channeling energies for other esoteric arts, it is less so. The powers used, however, always come from higher spirits and are only fully utilized when channeled correctly.

Mediums Use Channeling to Receive Communication from SpiritsCredit: wikipedia.orgCredit: wikipedia.org