This is a nifty trick that one of my friends taught me. I think it is important for anyone to know, especially if they are in a dire situation and their cellphone is dead. It is better to know something and not need it, then need something and not know how to do it.

Things You Will Need

1.) A cellphone with low battery 2.) An article of clothing that produces static electricity.

Step 1

The cellphone should be dead due to a dead battery. If, there is another issue, then this trick will not work. If your cellphone has a typical cellphone battery, then it is able to absorb energy from an outside source. A small amount of energy is given out from. When your cellphone is low on power, and depending on the model dead completely, take the battery out. Now take that batter and quickly rub it back and forth across your static electricity conducting article of clothing. Keep doing this motion, of going back and forth quickly, for a few minutes. The typical amount of time is about 3, but to be sure it got enough juice do it for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Quickly place the batter back in the phone and make that emergency call. There should be enough battery power for a call due to the static electricity. The electricity came from your movements of rubbing the battery against the article of clothing. Depending on the model of phone you may not even have to take the battery out of the case. Simply rubbing the phone will work. This is a nifty tip to use if you ever have to make an emergency call and your cellphone may not be able to handle it. With the newer phones, such as Apple's iphones, this technique may not work due to the different batteries. Hopefully, you will never have to use this trick.

Tips & Warnings

Some batteries should not be used with its. Check your phone handbook to ensure removal and use is safe.