When renting an economy rental car if you choose the insurance it quickly makes it expensive in some cases. Any damage you do to your economy rental car you are liable for, however there is a much cheaper way to protect your economy rental car than paying for the full insurance from the rental car company.

Things You Will Need

To follow the steps listed in this article on how to cheaply protect your economy rental car.

Step 1

economy rental car The first step to cheaply protecting your economy rental car is to rent your car from one of the large national rental car companies. The reason for this is that they usually offer more insurance options than a small local car rental company does.

Step 2

The second step to cheaply protecting your economy rental car is to sign up for the loss damage waiver. The loss damage waiver will protect you in case you dent the car, get a scratch on it, or the windshield gets cracked or broken. This will protect your economy rental car in the event that you have a small accident, and the loss damage waiver costs a fraction of full rental car insurance.

Step 3

economy rental car 2 The third step to protecting your economy rental car is to double check your receipt to make sure that the rental car company did not charge you for full insurance. Many people are not aware of the loss damage waiver option, and the rental car companies will sometimes accidentally charge you for the full insurance which is much more expensive than the loss damage waiver. Array

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