Please be intelligent and only use this information in the context of self defense and supervised ="/Mar tial Arts">martial arts training.

This is an extremely effective choke that Brazilians call "Mata Leao" which means "lion killer".

It's more commonly known as the Rear Naked Choke or RNC.

Things You Will Need

- Arms
- Another Person

Step 1

The first step is to stand behind the unlucky jerk who called you a wussy.

Next you're going to place your dominant arm (right arm if you're right handed; left arm if you're left handed) across the dude's neck, right under his chin.

Except your arm will be directly up against his neck and his hand won't be in the way!

Now you're going to take the hand from the arm that's across the guy's neck and place it on the bicep of your free arm.

Next, you're going to take the non-dominant hand and put it behind your foe's head.

Once your opponent is in this position, he/she is pretty much screwed.

To finish the choke, lift your shoulders up, press down on the guy's head with the hand behind his head and flex your biceps.

This choke cuts off circulation to the brain and will make a dude pass out and is one of the most practical self-defense tools available!

That's it!

If this article got you a little excited, it's OK to admit it! We all love the taste of danger.

The more awesome,

practical self-defense and street fighting techniques

you know, the better

prepared you'll be for real-life situations.

The rear naked choke or RNC (or Mata Leao) is one of the highest percentage submission techniques in UFC, Pride and in real life.

Several people I train with are bouncers and they tell me in no uncertain terms that the RNC puts people to sleep regardless of their size because it works and it is extremely effective.

This is exactly the kind of technique one should learn if their primary goals are self-defense related.

Tips & Warnings

When you're doing this in a gym environment, always pay the utmost attention.

I know you're itching to get the submission but be smart.

What would happen if the guy had YOUR back and was overeager to tap you? He might choke you out or ignore/not feel or hear your tap. Which leads me to the next point.

Respect the damn tap! If you submit somebody and they tap, it's time for you to stop. Don't be a jerk and a bully. Those kinds of guys give the martial arts and bjj communities a very bad name. There's always somebody bigger, stronger and more technically proficient than you and karma is a vengeful force.

If you accidentally choke somebody out and they pass out, make sure they're OK and also let them know repeatedly that it was completely accidental so they don't start a fight with you. If it was intentional, then I'm sorry, but you deserve to get a black eye. If you've ever been choke unconscious, it's not pleasant and you wake up with no clue as to what just happened. You're also "off" for the rest of the day.

If you haven't ever been choked out, I can't say I recommend the experience but realize that it will happen from time to time the more serious you get about your jiu jitsu. Never jump the gun and take time to ascertain your partner's intentions and whether it was accidental or intentional. If it was intentional, you should let your instructor know. If he's apathetic to it, maybe it's time to look for a new school.

Getting the blood flow cut off to from your brain or being put in a position where you're unable to breathe is dangerous and makes for a bad training and learning environment, I don't care what anybody says. It won't make you tougher if people are doing it on purpose.

Ok, I've said my spiel. Be safe.