Going to community college is a good choice for many people during any times, but perhaps especially during these difficult economic times. There are many excellent community college choices for you to consider. Read on for tips about how to choose the right community college for you.

Things You Will Need

You will need the desire to go to community college and the willingness to devote some time to your research and application process.

Step 1

There is always the option, of course, of choosing the community college that is closest to your home. If you still live with your parents, this will make for an easy commute. You will save money by not paying rent. You will also save money on gas by having a relatively short commute.

Step 2

But what if there is a community college in your state that offers a specific academic program that is of interest to you. You may want to consider going to that other community college instead in order to satisfy your specific academic needs and desires. If you do this, you may opt to continue living at home and just have a longer commute (again, to save money). You can arrange your course schedule so that you do not have to be on campus every single day of the week, which of course means that you will be making your longish commute less frequently (and therefore saving on gas and reducing the stress that a long commute can cause). You could also make the choice of renting a small apartment (perhaps with roommates in order to save money) closer to the community college of your choice.

Step 3

Remember that community colleges, generally speaking, tend to be two year colleges where you can earn an associate's degree (as opposed to a four year bachelor's degree). An associate's degree will get your more job opportunities than a high school diploma, but you may want to transfer eventually to a four year college to earn your bachelor's degree. This means that when you are choosing the community college you want to attend, you will also want to ask the admissions officer about how many of their students transfer successful to four year colleges following completion of their associate's degrees, as this statistic may be an additional factor in your decision.

During these difficult financial times, it helps to keep all of your higher educational options wide open, including the option of enrolling in a community college if that would be the best choice for you at this time.

Tips & Warnings

Take some time to research community colleges very carefully before making your final decision. For more information, you may also want to read this article about lowering college costs and this money saving article.