If you have decided to learn a new instrument, the guitar would be a great option for you.  The reason the guitar is a favored instrument is because it is fairly simple to play.  There are many different styles of music that can be played on the guitar; such as country and rock music.  Nearly every country in the world has guitarists that create their own music and make a living from their playing.  You do not have to be a talented musician in order to pick up the guitar and start playing.  This is a great instrument that can easily be learned through the guidance of a guitar teacher.

If you would like to hire a guitar instructor to help you learn how to play the guitar, you have made a wise choice.  The guitar can be learned for a fairly inexpensive amount of money.  Many instructors will either charge by the hour or for every thirty minutes they instruct you.  If you would like longer guitar lessons, there are many instructors in your area that will teach for more than an hour.  Most instructors will recommend a book that they would like you to purchase for lessons. 

Most of the books that guitar teachers recommend have a large variation of chords inside of them.  A guitar instructor will teach you how to form the chords with your fingers and various strumming techniques to play them.  If you are having trouble learning how to play chords do not hesitate to ask for help because that is the whole point of hiring someone for help.  There are many other things that guitar teachers will do, such as teach you how to tune the guitar with a tuner or by ear. 

If you are having trouble learning how to tune the guitar by ear, there is always the option of purchasing an electric tuner.  The average cost of an electric tuner varies from thirty five dollars to over two hundred dollars.  Most guitar tuners take batteries and can stick to your guitar with a clamp.  If you are dedicated to learning how to tune the guitar without the use of an electronic tuner, it would be best to remain dedicated to learning how to tune the guitar by ear.  Learning how to tune the guitar by ear is not always as complicated as it looks. 

A guitar teacher will also teach you how to fret the guitar.  Fretting is a common term used to describe the technique of pushing next to the metal bars on the guitar.  The frets are spaced to create the fret bored of the guitar which is unique only to that of the guitar.  There are many different types of guitars, such as acoustic, electric and bass guitars.  The bass guitar typically only has four strings and the strings are much thicker than the average guitar.  If you would like to purchase an electric guitar, it is important to have a reliable amp because the amp creates the sound of the electric guitar.  Some electric guitars cost more than others because some are easier to fret and strum. 

If you get on the internet on a regular basis, you are probably familiar with free classified websites.  There are many free classified websites that offer a musician section.  The musician section often displays many advertisements for guitar teachers seeking pupils.  The majority of these ads will have detailed information about the experience the guitar teacher has and how much they charge.  If you are really interested in a certain ad, it would be wise to contact the guitar teacher as soon as possible.  The reason you want to contact them as soon as possible is because they may end up booked and not any available spots.  It would also help to negotiate the price of the guitar lessons if you are not willing to pay what the guitar teacher is asking for.  You would be surprised because some guitar instructors are willing to come down on the price because they desperately need pupils. 

If you do not have the money to pay for a guitar teacher it would be best to use the internet to teach you how to play the guitar.  The reason you can use the internet is because there are many guitar teachers that will off free guitar lessons online.  The guitar lessons online can be paused whenever you want to spend extra time on practicing something.  A large number of individuals prefer using this type of method because it helps them learn at their own pace instead of learning at the pace of the instructor. 

If you are nervous about learning from a stranger, it would help to ask your friends if they have any family members that play the guitar.  Many people play the guitar, which makes there a likely chance that one of your friends or family members will know someone that knows how to play the guitar.  You may end up lucky and receive a few free guitar lessons just to help you decide if playing the guitar is the right thing for you.  No guitar instructor is going to be worth anything if you do not take what you learned home and practice the material that was taught.  If you do not practice you will not learn much because your brain will not be able to retain the information that you have been instructed. 

The guitar is a very fun instrument that is simple to learn.  There are many ways to learn how to play the guitar, such as watch online videos or hire someone from free classified ads on teach you in a comfortable environment.  Do not waste your time learning from someone that does not play a style of music that you enjoy playing.  It is important to learn from someone that you are comfortable with because it is hard to concentrate when you are in an environment that you are not comfortable with.