If you are looking to start your child in piano lessons, you are most likely looking to find the best teacher for your child. This is no easy task, since you are probably given a list of names of piano teachers, or you may have found names in the phone book. You may even be looking for a piano teacher who lives close to you. You certainly do not want to choose a piano teacher based on geographical proxity. Read below on how to choose a piano teacher for your child so that your child thrives and builds a love for music and the piano.

Things You Will Need

A desire to find the best piano teacher for your child.
Some time to research and interview different teachers.
A willingness to be patient and selective in finding a piano teacher for your child

Step 1

First decide what your child's musical goals for the piano are before you decide on choosing a piano teacher. Are you looking for your child to learn strict classical music, and perhaps join competitions? Are you looking for your child to learn more eclectic styles of music and to take more of a recreational approach to piano?

Step 2

Decide of you are looking for a strict piano teacher or somebody that is much more relaxed in their approach. Some children need to be taught by a more authoritative type of teacher and some children are much more sensitive and averse to this style of teaching.

Step 3

See what kind of backround and credentials the piano teacher has. This is very important, because you want to make sure that the teacher has the right training and the appropriate educational backround.

Step 4

Ask the piano teacher for references. This is very important. Ask for at least two refererences from longer term students. This step is another important aspect of finding the best piano teacher for your child.

When looking for the best piano teacher for your child, see how many years experience the teacher has. Have they taught for just a couple of months, or has the piano teacher been teaching for several years. Experienced piano teachers are more money, but it may be worth it. Your child can learn very bad habits from a poorly trained inexperienced teacher and this may be hard to undo.

Tips & Warnings

You may want to do a backround check on the piano teacher that you are looking to hire, especially if this teacher comes without a recommendation.

Look for a patient teacher who helps your child stay at ease while taking piano lessons. Strict does not mean intolerant and unkind.