If you reside in Florida and are considering filing for divorce, it is important to find an experienced divorce attorney who will assist you throughout the process.  When you are filing for divorce it is important to hire legal representation to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible.  Even parties involved in an uncontested divorce should hire a Tampa divorce attorney for assistance throughout the proceedings.  Without an attorney you will be responsible for drawing your own paperwork and serving your ex-spouse.  In the following sections, understand how to find the best Tampa divorce lawyer and make a difficult process a little easier.  

Make a Comprehensive List of Specialists in the Area

Divorce cases fall under family law category of professional law practice.  Several attorneys in the Tampa Bay area specialize in family law.  Start by making a comprehensive list of family law practices in the Tampa area.  Choose law firms specializing in family law, as they are experienced with a variety of different divorce cases.  No-fault and uncontested divorces may be common cases. However, when a divorce is contested and accusations arise you will need an experienced Tampa divorce attorney who specializes in defending you with an aggressive strategy.  

Tampa Divorce Attorney
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Narrow your List

Once you have a comprehensive list of law firms in the Tampa area you will need to narrow your list based on convenience and rapport.  Set up initial consultations with several different lawyers and make sure you schedule a time to meet face-to-face.  In-person meetings are extremely important because you will be able to get a feel for the attorney's personality and demeanor.  During the consultation appointment, the Tampa divorce attorney should build confidence with you. Rapport is very important when choosing an attorney.  If you do not have confidence in your attorney chances are you will not feel confident in court. Confidence will play a surprisingly large role in your success in securing favorable divorce terms in court.

Retaining the Attorney

After you have sat down and met with several attorneys, one should stand out above all the rest.  If you like two or three in particular, compare legal fees and experience, depending on personal priorities, and make a measured decision while balancing the importance of quality and cost.  Once you have retained legal representation, the process of filing for divorce will be much easier.  Your attorney will help you with filing paperwork and serving the other party. Do your research and choose a reputable lawyer who specializes in cases like yours to make the process of divorce as painless as it can possibly be.