If you see the function of a fish tank stand , you will not be placing the fish tank on top of an unused furniture piece such as shoe rack. Additional focus is place on enhancing the fish tank and often people don't take into account the use or a proper selection of a fish tank stand. While the majority of the effort is used up on beautifying the fish tank, people disregarded the usage of fish tank stand to amplify the beauty of the fishes. Even if there is a stand, it is often of an incorrect selection as it doesn't fit the requirement of the fish tank. In the nastiest circumstances, the stand couldn't even hold the load of the fish tank. Now, let me share with you the most vital criteria of a right fish tank stand.

1) Ability to hold weight of fish tank

As a general rule of thumb, a stand is usually required if the tank is more than 20 gallons. If your tank is created of acrylic, you require getting a stand that can support along the entire length of the tank. If the tank is created of glass, a stand that could hold the 4 corners/edges is sufficient.

2) Open or closed stand

There are 2 types of stand - open and closed stand. The open stand is most appropriate for smaller mass tank which is 40 gallons or beneath. It often comes with 4 supporting legs and is rectangular in outline. For a larger size tank which is 50 gallons and over, obtaining a closed stand is more suitable as it is more steady and capable to support the load of the fish tank. For improved stability, the length of the stand exceeds the length of the fish tank. Closed stand normally comes with integrated cupboards to store fish accessories like filter, food etc.

3) Merges into your home surroundings

If you love to have a fish tank that enhances on the exclusivity of your living room, you should be spending a significant amount of time to get a fish tank stand. To improve on the look of the fish tank, having a stand is essential to accomplish this. Try picturing a stylish fish tank that is located on ugly furniture. Does it destroy the tone to admire the fishes?

Now that you have improved information on fish tank stands, you will be capable to select on an appropriate one. Nevertheless, I would grade closed tank stand on top of the open stand since it is normally more stylish and brings about an enhanced vision in the house. I simply love the closed tank stand which comes with cabinets so that I can keep all the fish accessories in it. This brings in better handiness during the feeding or cleaning process. If you fancy getting a smaller mass tank, you might want to find a carpenter to construct one for you as closed stand is generally for larger mass tank. Go get your fish tank stand today and have joy admiring your fishes.