Beginning a new project is always a difficult task and writing your first article is not any easier. In fact, many people join InfoBarrel but never write a single article.  However, you can be a successful InfoBarrel writer if you use the following sources to get ideas. When you write your first article, I recommend that you focus on writing the article, rather than worrying about the technicalities (such as search engine optimization).  After you select the topic for your first article, there will be plenty of time to discuss the technicalities of writing in your next articles.

Use What You Know

The easiest way to begin writing an article is to select a topic that you already know about. Your passion, interests and hobbies are also a good source of article ideas.  For example, if you are a college student, you could consider writing about articles targeted for college students.  If you are an avid book reader, you could write a review of a book that you have written.  

Use The Editorial Calendar

One of the best areas to get ideas from is the Editorial Calendar. Each month the InfoBarrel administrators release a list of topics that will be featured during the next month.  Writing an article based on an idea in this list also provides you with an opportunity to have your article featured.  

Use The Categories in InfoBarrel

You can also get ideas for writing an article by exploring the categories on InfoBarrel (Auto, Business & Money, Entertainment, Environment, Health, History, Home & Garden, InfoBarrel University, Lifestyle, Sports, Technology, and Travel & Places).  Each category has a list of other articles that other authors have written on InfoBarrel.  A new InfoBarrel writer should spend some time looking at the types of articles that are written.  It is likely that there is a topic that you can offer your expertise. 

Use The InfoBarrel Forum

You can also get topic ideas from the InfoBarrel forum.  While there is not a list of topics that you can choose from, there are various topics that have an extensive discussion that could be further developed into an article.  If a person is having trouble on a particular issue, perhaps you can write an article on that topic.     

Use The Most Popular Searches 

Each day search engines record the most popular searches.  You can write about one of the most popular searches for a previous day.  There are various search engines that you could consult including Yahoo! and Google.

Use the News

The media is a wonderful source of topics for your articles.  You can also use the news on the front page of the newspaper. If you select an article from a major network (such as CNN or MSNBC) or the newspaper, you know that there is an audience for your topic.

Use Your Consumer Experience

A product that you recently used could be the beginning of a new article.  In a consumer oriented society, it is likely that you have recently purchased a product.  Perhaps you could use the research that you conducted before making a major purchase as the basis of an article.