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Credit: by zivturner on Flickr

Where Is The Vacation Of Your Dreams?

You have been dreaming of a wonderful vacation, one that will you will remember for a lifetime. But where is it?  The location depends a great deal on you. Someone else's fabulous vacation might leave you cold. So before you make a decision, it is a good idea to sit down and think about what suits you personally. Do you want total comfort, or can you 'rough it' and enjoy adventure? This is only one of the questions you will want to ask yourself.

How much money do you want to spend?  

The answer to this will narrow your options down a lot. A luxury cruise might sound nice, but is it beyond your means?  How much money are you willing to spend just getting to and from the location you choose?  Or would you rather spend less money on airfare and get a great experience closer to home? If your funds are low, backpacking South America is a fun option. If your budget is ample, a short trip to Europe is a classic vacation.

How much time do you have?

Your job may determine this. But if you are retired, your time frame may be flexible. Either way, what you want is a great experience that carries you beyond your everyday world. You may want to think not so much in terms of the amount of time as in terms of the exotic quality of a place. Five days in the villages of Nepal may take you beyond your humdrum world better than two weeks in a more familiar place.

What are your interests?

Next you need to decide what you want to see and experience on your vacation. Perhaps you have always wanted to visit the amazing Renaissance art galleries of Italy. You studied art history in college. You have read books about Simone di Martini and Duccio. You can afford to visit Sienna and Florence. This could be your dream fulfilled. It will be different for each person. But most of us have some lifelong interest; a thing we have heard about and have longed to see for ourselves. The ideal vacation is one that your whole life has prepared you for and which you can now realize. 

Where will you do trip research?

Experienced travelers are a valuable resource. If you get to talk to people who have already visited the location you are traveling to, get as much information from them as you can. They can steer you to the best venues, and help you avoid costly mistakes. A travel blog can also be a great source of up-to-date information about restaurants, hotels, attractions, and local transportation.

Do not forget about travel agents. Before you leave, discuss your vacation choice with at least one agent. They have inside knowledge about current conditions. They can give you many tips about what to do and what to see. They have received feedback from other travelers and can give you information you will be grateful for. Also, they can help you make actual plans!

Travel websites are also a great resource. Used judiciously, they can save you a lot of money on airfares and accommodations. But don't plan a trip just because you got a bargain price. Go to the place you really want.

This gives you an outline. Now you can begin the real planning. Talk it over with friends and family. Then take go on a vacation that will give you memories for a lifetime!