It is said that music soothes the savage beast and even for the most serious and stern people, this old saying holds true. Not many people can resist singing along to their favorite music. Some even take it to the next level by singing in front of their friends or strangers in karaoke bars or karaoke parties. However, one of the most difficult things about singing karaoke is not staying in tune or getting the right timing, but rather singing the right lyrics.

This is where VCD and DVD karaoke machines are a great asset. These singing machines can display the song's lyrics as well as music videos so you can follow along and get the correct words. Another type of karaoke format that supports lyrics is CD+G. CD+G stands for CD plus graphics. While these CDs don't have video, they will display the song's lyrics on television or a small screen like those on many portable kids home karaoke machines. While the song is playing, what will happen is the lyrics will pop up on screen and either scroll or have an indicator that moves along the text to indicate what the correct words are. This type of display is familiar to many of us from childhood sing along videos so it should be no surprise. The display even shows the words to sing ahead of time so you have time to prepare yourself. Not only that, but most karaoke machines that display video will also have special effects to help you keep rhythm and stay with the beat of the song. These effects all come together to boost your confidence so even those new to singing karaoke in front of an audience will be able to confidently enjoy themselves.

Most of use are familiar with professional karaoke machines such as those found in bars and karaoke clubs. However, there are smaller units available that are perfect for home use or small parties. These can range from higher end systems made for serious karaoke aficionados to small portable units for kids and occasional hobbyists. These lower end home karaoke machines cost less than $100 and are a great way to provide hours of entertainment for both young and old. One of the great things about karaoke is that it appeals to all sorts of people. There is nothing more effective than a karaoke party in bringing a bunch of people together either for fun or shared terror of singing in front of an audience. As you can see, a personal karaoke system can be a great way of getting a family together or as an alternative for board game nights.