Cremation Jewelry Is A Unique Idea To Keep Your Loved One Close To Your Heart

When a loved one dies, in addition to dealing with grief and loss, you will surely have a lot on your mind. In addition, depending on your relationship to the deceased, you may have the responsibility of making many different funeral arrangements. It can all seem overwhelming, especially when you need to choose a casket, find a funeral home, buy funeral flowers arrangements and a multitude of others tasks. You may also have to arrange funeral catering, a cemetery plot and wake arrangements. Some people may opt for cremation services, with or without the use of a funeral home service. Cremation is a cost-efficient way to take care of the deceased and may be especially beneficial if following the pre-determined wishes of your loved one. 

Cremation service can entail an entirely new realm of decisions to make. This can include deciding on the type of cremation, buying an urn or other ash holder and making sure that your living loved ones are comfortable with the decisions that you are making. When it's all said and done, you will probably want to make sure that you have something special to commemorate your loved one after they have been cremated. After all, when you cremate someone you probably won't have a grave to visit or a cemetery to go to. Cremation jewelry or memorial pendants are a great solution for this, and has become a popular option for those who have lost their loved one.

Memorial Jewelry Makes A Wonderful Keepsake Memento To Honor Your Loved One

Cremation jewelry is special jewelry that is designed to hold a small portion of your loved one's ashes inside of the jewelry itself. The ashes are usually held in some type of attractive material that is shaped as a tear drop, a heart or even a tiny flask to create a keepsake pendant for you to wear and enjoy. Cremation jewelry can be purchased already permanently sealed with the ashes inside or they can be bought empty, ready to be filled in the privacy of your home. Because not everyone is comfortable handling remains or ashes, sometimes the best option is to purchase jewelry that is already permanently sealed. This can help prevent any troubling memories from tainting an already difficult time in your life.

There are cremation bracelets which are unique mementos that have a decorative tube beaded onto the bracelet that can hold the cremation ashes. There are also cremation keychains that have a similar build, which allows you to keep a small amount of ashes with you everywhere you go. Cremation jewelry comes in a variety of designs, including religious emblems such as crosses or a star of David. Cross keepsakes and photo pendants make a particularly nice keepsake jewelry choice. A keepsake memory necklace may provide you with a source of strength and comfort when you feel alone. Memory cremation keepsakes may also make a token of appreciation to give to the funeral attendees when the funeral is over. You might want to discuss this idea with the immediate family before you choose to implement it, in order to avoid any hurt feelings or discomfort.

Cremation jewelry is available in a variety of symbols, such as hearts, cowboy boots, shapes and more. There is also glass cremation jewelry that comes in a variety of stained glass colors to suit your preference. There are a few more creative jewelry options that allow you to hold a small portion of ashes and a photograph of the deceased. These cremation necklaces provide the best of both worlds, because you will have a portion of your loved one's remains and a small picture of the deceased to serve as a visual reminder of your loved one's memory.

Some people will wear cremation jewelry while others prefer to keep these beautiful keepsakes somewhere safe. Others may prefer to use the memento jewelry to decorate their loved one's urn or to adorn their final resting place. What you choose to do with this jewelry is a personal choice. Whatever you choose, this is a great opportunity to create a timeless memory in honor of your loved one  to appreciate and enjoy over time.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry comes in a variety of different styles.