Some of the more difficult decisions ahead when starting a career in music, starting a band, or starting to write songs are -- where to start with instruments.  Some of the best advice you can get is to start not too small or too large.  Get  a solid starter instrument that may stay with you for years to come if you choose.  Here are some great choices.



Electric guitar based rock music is making quite a comeback from the 1990s. Learning the guitar requires an investment of time and money, however. The costs for guitar lessons can add up quickly, and many new players are also interested in rock band classes, which teach an entire band at one time. Saving money starts with purchase an affordable, but high quality electric guitar. Following are some examples of the best guitar values available.


Squier Bullet Strat With Tremolo

This is the most affordable version of the legendary Fender Stratocaster that you can find. It features a quality basswood body, three single coil pickups, and unmistakable Strat tone. This style is one of the most popular across all brands, but this version, made by Squier, is officially licensed by Fender. This axe is very affordable, and it can be purchased new for less than $150.00. It is a wonderful guitar with which to learn the basics of rock and roll music.

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Electric Guitar

For a bit more money, then this classic looking guitar made by Gibson subsidiary Epiphone might be a good choice. The Les Paul is known for its fat tone, and it was made famous by guitarists like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. It features dual humbucking pickups and a stunning finish. It is important to keep in mind that Les Pauls can be much heavier than some other electric guitars both in terms of tone and actual weight. Keep this in mind for those players who have not yet experienced a growth spurt. You can find this guitar new on the rack for less than $300.00.

Jackson JS32 Rhoads With Floyd Rose

Again for a bit more, and you want to stray from the traditional Gibson and Fender type guitars, then this might be a good option. Inspired by Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads, this guitar features a striking shape that is sure to turn heads at the next rock band lesson. In addition to awesome styling, this guitar also features dual humbucking pickups and a genuine Floyd Rose tremolo for wild dive-bomb effects. This guitar can be found for about $400.00 brand new.

There are numerous other affordable high-quality guitars on the market, but the models listed here should give you a good start on your search. Remember that a good guitar will sound consistent all the way up the neck, and it should stay in tune. With regular practice on a good electric guitar, a little tyke can become a monster shredder in almost no time at all.


Most electric bass players' first bass is a very cheap model that gets the job done but only barely. Anyone who aspires to become a better musician will soon feel the need to graduate up to a more serious instrument. Thankfully, this does not necessarily involve spending colossal sums of money. There are remarkably good electric bass for a surprisingly low price.

A great many popular songs have been played on the classic Fender Jazz electric bass. Most people are familiar with this model, which, although expensive, is quite widespread. The more budget minded Squier version is an excellent, durable instrument. It has all the appointments and construction details expected from of a higher-end Fender. Musicians continuing with the bass who upgrade can continue to use this instrument as a backup.

More modern players, might be interested in the Ibanez GSR200. This electric bass has twenty-two frets, two pickups, and a great-sounding active EQ section that can really help to bring out this instrument's better qualities. Ibanez are a well-respected builder of guitars and basses and their models are used by many touring professionals.

For a slightly more left-field choice, consider the Yamaha BB415. This electric bass is an interesting blend of classic and modern, and produces a sound that can work very well in a variety of different situations. Yamaha are well-known as one of the sleeper brands; they may be less of a name-brand, but players in the know understand that the quality is very impressive for the price.

Drum Sets.

Drums will always be associated with loud practice. Luckily, it is possible to find an electric drum set on which playing with headphones is an option. Following are a couple of examples of affordable and effective electric drum kits for when the time is right to make a purchase.

Alesis DM6 USB Electronic Drum Set

This is a tremendous starter kit for the aspiring drummer. It is a five-piece kit that includes a sound module so you can set up the drum set with a range of different sounds. It features a headphone jack for quiet practice, but it also includes an amplifier output for when the time is right to rock loudly. It is lightweight and easy to learn on, plus it can be purchased new for about $500.00, making it one of the best values in electronic drum sets.

Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Set

This kit from Yamaha is a bit more expensive than the Alesis kit at about $700.00 retail, but it includes a much more sophisticated sound module that allows drummers access to nearly endless combinations of sounds and effects. It is even possible to build custom kits from the sounds available and store them in the module's memory. This set is also a five-piece kit, and it is designed to provide the most natural and realistic feel possible.

In addition to the kits mentioned here, there are numerous others available that would make excellent starter drum sets. The prices of electric drum kits can get very prohibitive, so it is recommended to start on the lower end of the cost spectrum when purchasing a kit for a beginner. These drums are quiet and effective tools for learning, and they will give the aspiring drummer in your family the chops to be able to rock out on traditional acoustic drums during drum lessons or rock band classes.

Good luck to everyone busy writing rock songs and participating in bands.