Credit to dancer Dallagio

Evening dresses are outfits made and designed for women to wear on evening events and functions. There are the few clothing that every woman or teenage girl must have in their wardrobe or closet. It is in their duty to show off their best anytime and everywhere. They are mainly worn on special occasions like, prom, wedding party, business party or a house party hosted by your good friends. Ball gowns and cocktail dresses are some of the variations of evening dresses. They are mostly made of high quality or luxury fabrics and designed with different lengths, colors, styles and design, in addition to different combination of accessories.

Ball Gown

A ball gown is a special kind of dress designed with a full skirt, occasionally with low neck line and an open back, and normally reaches to the ankles when worn. Generally, they are worn for formal weddings or dinner, debutante and charity balls, diplomatic events and award ceremonies. The selection of fabrics used to make a ball gown usually consists of silk, velvet, brocade and taffeta. Ideally, it should be worn along with a clutch bag and opera-length gloves to create a luxurious appearance. This type of dress could cost around $300 in typical cases, or even up to $1000 if it is fully made of genuine silk.

Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is a shorter-length dress that measures to 2 inches above the ankle ("tea length") or touching the ankle (ballerina length). They are usually worn along with a clutch purse for semi-formal events like banquettes, parties and other events where formal attire is not compulsory. They are usually made of materials such as chiffon, silk and satin. The chiffon dresses are perfect during the summertime because of its flowing and sheer appearance.

Selecting the right dress for these events can be rather confusing and difficult if you do know what you are supposed to look for or how picky you can be. For instance, if you are a woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, refrain yourself from buying dresses that are pink in color, as it will cause you to look lifeless. Make sure the style of the evening dress you choose makes you to appear elegant, fashionable and sophisticated. In addition, be certain that the dresses fit into your size and body shape as well as comfortable when you wear it.