What To Look For In California Nursing Schools

Any list of the top nursing schools in California is sure to closely mirror a list of premier programs from around the globe. From the world-class programs offered at prestigious public colleges such as UCLA and University of California, San Francisco, to terrific private schools such as University of Phoenix and Kaplan College, to its array of great junior colleges, California provides would-be nurses a variety of high-quality alternatives that will support just about any budget, schedule and professional goal.

Selecting the Very Best Nursing Schools in California

For pretty much any soon-to-be RN, BSN, or MSN, sifting through a directory of nursing programs in California may be frustrating. So as to make the procedure less difficult, you need to first establish some criteria by which the schools may be evaluated. Three questions you should ask to help advance this process are:

  1. Does the school maintain an accreditation from the State Board of Registered Nursing, or other relevant body?
  2. Did at least 70% of all program graduates pass the NCLEX test on their first attempt during the most-recent school year?
  3. Does the nursing program has to have a good standing in the community?

Any university that will satisfy each of these conditions is usually deserving of an applicant's attention. However, you'll find other variables which should additionally be taken into consideration in advance of enrolling in a school.

Some Things to Consider About Nursing Colleges

Apart from the aforementioned items about a school's accreditation status, there are also other important things to think about when deciding on the most suitable nursing school for you personally. While the previous list of requirements is handy for figuring out how beneficial a degree acquired from an institution will be, the below characteristics will help you figure out how good the training program is for you individually:

  1. Do I fulfill the school's conditions for entry?
  2. Can I pay for the school's fees or will I qualify for financial help?
  3. Does the school specialize in the field of nursing that concerns me?
  4. Does the school offer class times that will work with my schedule?

The answers to these types of concerns will help you pare down the list of educational institutions enough so that just a small number remains. From that point, just make sure that each of the remaining nursing schools in California aligns with your overall career objectives.