While tablet computers might one day replace the laptop, at present no tablet can match the power and capabilities of even mid-range laptops. If you need a portable way to complete serious work such as designing or programming, a great bag is all you need. A quick overview of the latest functions and features found on many popular bags will help you narrow down your choices.  

How Mobile Are You?

Don’t fall for the myth that you need a tablet for ultra-portability and convenience. A backpack style bag is all you need to comfortably carry your computer over a distance such as your daily commute. The latest bags are constructed from breathable materials that let you keep your laptop in standby mode when you carry it and some even have earphone jacks built into the shoulder straps. While backpacks don’t give you as much space as standard briefcase type bags, most do offer a hard case shell which gives considerable more protection. 

Will A Hybrid Bag Meet Your Needs?

It’s great to be able to carry your notebook in a backpack on the subway but this isn’t such a great look when you arrive at your office! Instead of being tied to one particular style, some bags let you switch between hand or shoulder carrying and have pull-out, backpack-style straps for when you need to walk longer distances. These hybrid bags offer your laptop great protection while looking appropriate in a variety of environments. 

The 'No-Laptop' Laptop Bag

Many people think they need tablets because their laptop is too big or bulky to fit in their existing bag. There are actually many bags that let you remain stylish whilst carrying your trusty laptop. A ‘Totefolio’ or messenger-style bag will let you carry a laptop in comfort without anyone really noticing what's inside. These bags won’t be as comfortable to carry long distance as backpacks and will become noticeably more bulky if you pack peripherals such as leads and mice into them. 

When Your Laptop Is The Only Thing You'll Carry?

A basic neoprene laptop sleeve is fine when a laptop is the only thing you plan on carrying and you don’t need mice or cables. These bags are waterproof and are the bare minimum you should consider when taking your laptop out and about. They are certainly the most stylish option!