What Are The Advantages Of Split Air Conditioners?

Split air conditioners have an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor units which each contain an evaporator and a fan. Split air setups require one compressor and one indoor unit per room but multi split units are available that have a larger outdoor compressor and up to three indoor units each cooling a separate room. The indoor units can either be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. As split AC has no duct work, they are highly energy-efficient and give you precise control over the temperature of each room. 

What Size Is Your Room?

Before contacting a supplier or AC firm, you should always take precise measurements of the room(s) you want to cool. Many factors determine what power of air conditioner you need to meet your cooling needs including the climate you live in, your home's insulation and the type of windows you have. Air conditioner cooling capacity is measured in BTU and you must closely match the capacity with the size of your room for it the unit to be effective. 

How Important Is Efficiency To You?

Standard split AC units automatically turn the compressor off when the internal temperature reaches the desired level. This wastes a lot of energy as the room's temperature rises until the compressor starts running again. People in the room will not be as comfortable with these temperature fluctuations and the sound of the outdoor unit might be audible. Inverter compressors can modulate their running speed to match the internal temperature. This keeps the temperature more even and saves energy besides creating a more comfortable living environment. 

Is Control Important To You?

The last consideration is that the latest split units come with built-in Wi-Fi. This lets you control them with an app on your smart phone and can help you save energy in some ways. For instance, you can check and control the temperature of rooms you aren't physically in and switch off air conditioners remotely if you forget to do so before you leave home.