When it is time to purchase a new car for the family, many car buyers are not sure where to start. There is much more to consider than just gas mileage or the color of the car. Instead, buyers should think about the specific needs of their family and use that as a jumping off point when visiting car dealerships in Riverside, California.


It’s not the most pleasant part of choosing a car, but in today’s economy it is more important than ever to place the family budget at the top of the list of factors when choosing a new car. Buyers must remember that it is not just the car payment. A more expensive car also means higher insurance rates and, usually, higher service and repair costs.

Finding a Riverside Dodge, Temecula Honda or Corona Toyota dealer that will be respectful of the buyer’s budget is very important.

Buyers should know their maximum budget before they even start the car buying process. Once the number has been established, stick with it.

Size of Family

Family size is another very important consideration. A family with one child and no plans for more probably doesn’t need a minivan or large SUV. On the other hand, a family of five may be cramped in a standard sedan.

Car buyers should know the size vehicle that is best for their family and shouldn’t waste their time looking at vehicles that don’t fit in that size category.

Daily Use

When shopping for a car buyer should also consider the amount of use the car will get. Will the car be used in a long daily commute or just to run to the grocery store? If the vehicle will be used a lot then the gas mileage will be more important than if it is just being used for short trips.

Also, if a vehicle will be subjected to more wear and tear than average, buyers should look for one with a long warranty that goes well beyond the typical 36,000 miles.

Other Considerations

When choosing a car for a family, comfort and amenities are sometimes as important as mileage and performance. Here a couple of examples of other factors to consider when shopping for a perfect family vehicle.


If the family includes those of the four-legged variety then an SUV or hatchback may be a good choice. This will provide a dedicated pet area when the furry family members are along for the ride.

Road Trips

If this family car will be used for road trips then the vehicle should include a few creature comforts such as a built in GPS, DVD player and dedicated headphone jacks for each backseat passenger. Other extras, such as a built in cooler and backseat climate control are other extras that make for more comfortable road trips.

New or Used

Once buyers have figured out what type of car may suit their family, the next decision is whether to buy new or used. Some Riverside used car dealers have huge inventories of high quality vehicles that make choosing a used car an economical sound decision.

Other car dealerships in Riverside, California sell both new and used so buyers can explore both options at one dealership.

A family car is likely to remain in use for five to ten years. Buyers should take the time consider the needs of their family and then choose a car that will best meet those needs while also staying within the budget. A car dealership that truly puts the customer’s needs first can help buyers find the car that is the best fit for their family.