When it comes to decorating the home, most people think of the most obvious, which is, the style of the room, the paint, the furniture, window curtains etc. When it comes to curtain rods, we sometimes overlook, how important of an item they actually can be. There are many varieties to choose from depending on what the style of your room is, and the fabric of the curtains that is used. A curtain rod can be that special accessory which finishes of the look of the window, whatever your personal taste might be. Using the right curtain rod can compliment your decor, by adding that special touch to your window treatments.

One of the first steps to choosing the right curtain rod is to know what look you are trying to achieve. Getting some curtain ideas starts with looking around your room in order to determine if your room is traditional, contemporary, modern, etc. Take notes of your furniture, pictures, flooring, and the color of the room. If your room is light and airy, a heavy dark wooden curtain rod might not be the right look for your decor. If your room is more modern, adding a streamlined curtain rod will add more of a sleek and clean look to the window treatments.

When it comes to curtain rods, they are just not used for windows anymore. Bathrooms are no longer just a utility. They have become rooms of luxury and elegance, where you can unwind from a long day in the privacy of the bath. The proper shower curtain rod, added to the tub area, can add beauty to the tub area. There are many styles and materials to choose from that will fit your interior design. A curved shower curtain rod, not only gives extra room in the shower and bath, but also can add emphasis to a clawed tub, Jacuzzi or corner tub unit.

Regardless of whether you use an invisible, visible, wooden, brass, single or a double curtain rod, whatever your taste and style is, the right curtain rod, can add that special touch to any room. Gone are the little metal rods that stayed hidden behind the window treatments. Now curtain rods are in the forefront of home decorating with a wide array of styles and materials for the consumer to choose from. The right curtain rod can take a simple curtain and transform it from being boring to a beautiful focal point of the room.