Deciding to go to college is one of the best financial decisions you will make in your life. In addition to having some of the best experiences in your life at college, you will be rewarded with a good career and will be able to increase your earning potential much greater than if you did not attend college. Picking the right college degree that best suits you is an important decision you must make too. This is also one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Learn how to decide what college degree is best for you by reading on.

You first need to decide what interests you have when considering a major. What do you like to do? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What type of work can you see yourself doing for the rest of life? These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself when you are considering your major. You just don't want to pick a major because its what your friends are doing or because your parents want you to major in a certain field. You have to do whats best for you and what interests you.

Ask an adviser for help with choosing your major. They will have insight and resources to help you decide what you want to major in. They may have surveys that you can to take that will place you in a fields and give you potential majors that will best suit you based on your responses the questions.

Pay attention to what your school offers and look up your school's best academic department. If your school is known for producing top notch graduates in a certain department for example, you may want to take a hard look at that program. Whatever you do, make sure your school offers the program you want to study in before you decide on attending a certain school. Theres no point in going to a school if they don't have what you want to study.

Look at what majors have the best job prospects. You can look on websites like Yahoo Jobs, or job search engines to search for this type of information. Certain fields like the health care industry, law enforcement and criminal justice, or information technology, or business related jobs will never be outsourced because people need these things and they always have such a great demand.

Take a look at what majors will give you the chance at making the most money during your career. Majors like Computer Science, Engineering, and Math tend to rank at the top as far as salaries goes. This shouldn't be the main criteria you use in deciding what you will major in. I personally know many people who have well paying jobs who are stressed out all the time, don't get to spend as much time with their family as they would, and who may have a high paying job buy struggle financially because they aren't financially smart.

Lastly, choose a major in something you love to do or something that you have a passion for. If you follow your heart and choose something you love, you will most likely go on to enjoy your career and the money will follow. You will also be less likely to switch up careers later on in life or become disatisfied with your job. Following what you love will definitely give you a rewarding career.

These are just some tips to think about when trying to decide on the right college major for you