Take Care of your Face


I am a firm believer that you do not need to shop at the fanciest department stores to find a decent facial moisturizer. Something to be clear about right off the bat is that different moisturizers will work best for different individuals. For instance, generations of women have sworn by Oil of Olay (or just Olay) products for decades. 

At one time, there was just one basic Olay facial moisturizer, but nowadays there are dozens of Olay products to choose from, and they have expanded beyond moisturizers to include cleansing products, products specially made for the undereye area, products for daytime and night time. You name it, they have created a product for it. You can still buy these products right in your local drug store (and in some cases, in your local grocery store as well). 

A competitor of Olay that I also like is Roc. This company makes a wide variety of anti aging products, including a day and night time line of “deep wrinkle” products.  Their products are comparabley priced when you put them side by side with the Olay products. Chances are you will want to experiment with a few different products before you make up your mind. So, read the reviews that people post on places like Amazon to get the best sense of what might feel best on and be the most effective for your own skin.

I personally like several of the Roc products, and appreciate the fact that they are reasonably priced. I get pretty angry when I see radically overpriced moisturizing products because I don’t believe that a product needs to be terribly expensive to do what it is intended to do. Garnier and L’Oreal and Nutrogena also make well regarded moisturizers intended for use on the face (as opposed to the rest of the body), and their products also tend to be reasonably priced.

Please note that if you have oily or "combination" skin (as opposed to dry skin), you are probably going to want to experiment a bit with different products because you might find that some of them feel too heavy or oily on your skin. They may also cause you to break out. For this reason, seek out products that are specifically designed for use on oily or combination skin. Just because your skin is a bit oily does not mean that you should avoid facial moisturizer altogether; you might even be pleasantly surprised if you give some of the lighter moisturizers a try.