Las Vegas Skyline

Choosing your hotel in Las Vegas is the first step to a vacation you will never forget. A vacation in this city is one that you are not likely to soon forget; you can do almost anything and have a great time while doing it in Sin City, and the first order of business is to make your reservation. There are a few factors that you need to consider before booking Vegas accommodations. You will notice once you arrive that if you pay attention to those things you will influence how great your vacation will be.


Most people will focus on the price before you make your reservation. Of course the price is important when choosing a place to stay in Las Vegas, but it should not be the only reason you should think of. Most of the cheaper options are off the strip and in some cases not even close to it, but if you are lucky you could find a hotel that is right in the middle of it all for just a few dollars more. If you choose to stay away from the strip then remember that you may spend money on transportation to and from your hotel. Also keep in mind that  a lot of motels can give you a bed to spend the night, but not much else.

Some of the best priced casinos are:

  • Excalibur (The Strip)
  • El Cortez (Downtown)
  • Riviera (The Strip)
  • Stratosphere (The Strip)
  • Flamingo Las Vegas (The Strip)
Flamingo Las Vegas


The location of your hotel is very important and most people will want to stay on the strip or at least close to it. There are two places in Las Vegas where you will have a lot of options for entertainment and fun, and those are the Las Vegas Boulevard area (the Las Vegas Strip) and Downtown. Las Vegas Boulevard is where the glitz and the glamour are, while the Fremont Street area or Downtown will give you access to some of the most historic and older hotels in the city. Other casinos are all over the city, but in some cases they are too far to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Downtown Las Vegas

Are You Here Just For Playing?

The location of a hotel in Las Vegas is not as important to those that are visiting for gambling purposes only. The good thing about staying away from the busiest areas and choosing a hotel that is by itself is that you will be able to avoid most of the crowds and the odds on slot machines or other games may even give you a better chance of winning. Options which are not so centric give better incentives for visitors because they need to attract more people so a person who visits the city just to try their luck may do better in one of those casinos.  

Some hotels away from Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street include

  • Silver Sevens
  • Fiesta Rancho
  • Arizona Charlie’s Decatur Casino
  • Santa Fé Station
  • Boulder Station


You should also consider how luxurious and glamorous you want your hotel to be. Not every hotel in Vegas is a five-star resort, but those that are will not stop at anything to make you feel like royalty. There are rooms that are so amazing only the rich and famous can afford them, but if you want to visit for a special occasion and you have a chance to use one of those resort rooms you will be happy you did. Those resorts will also give you average rooms that are better than others, so if you want luxury in your Vegas vacation then here are the top 5 resorts on the strip:

  • Bellagio Towers
  • THEhotel at Mandalay Bay
  • The SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand
  • Four Seasons Las Vegas
  • The Venetian Resort & Casino
Bellagio Las Vegas

 Make sure that you also know what type of crowd you will get as well as the amenities and entertainment options. the more you know about the resort, the more likely you will be to enjoy your stay.