A No-Wrinkle Method For Cleaning Fitted Hats

If you have ever looked at the inside of one of your well used fitted hats you probably noticed that there was quite bit of dirt. The outside of your hats will collect lint, dust and the occasional stain. Many men and women wear fitted hats emblazoned with the logos of their favorite sports teams on a regular basis, and they are careful to keep their prized possessions in pristine shape. No matter what you try to do to prevent your hats from getting dirty, eventually they will become sweaty, misshapen or just get too funky to wear anymore. Most of the time people end up throwing their hats away rather than even attempting to clean them themselves. Taking your fitted caps to a dry cleaner will get them clean, but the result will almost always be a shrunken or otherwise irregular hat.

You may have already tried to clean your fitted hats, but once they are submerged in water they almost always develop wrinkles. With a little luck, a few household supplies and a lot of elbow grease you can clean your fitted hats so that they look like new again. Before you start, make sure that you have a hard bristle tooth brush, hand towel, masking tape, water soluable cleaning solution, blow dryer and newspaper handy.

The first part you will want to clean is the inside of your hat. Turn it inside out and use the toothbrush and cleaning solution to scrub it thoroughly. After you are satisfied with the results, turn your attention to the outside of the hat. Identify all of the visibly dirty areas and apply some of the cleaning solution. Again, scrub the outside of your fitted cap, being careful of different colored areas. You may want to use the masking tape to block off areas that you do not want to disturb.

Once your fitted cap is completely clean you will need to rinse it out. If you have sensitive skin you might want to use a mild dish detergent to ensure that all of the residue from the cleaning solution is gone. Rinse your hat until the faucet using cold water only. If you use hot water your hat will be more prone to wrinkling and shrinkage. Use the hand towel to pat dry.

Put your fitted hat down on a flat surface for now. Use the newspaper to form a mold around the very top of your head. The idea is to fill in the empty space between the top of your head and the top of the fitted hat. You can either create this mold by using another fitted hat, or you can use your own head. The mold doesn't have to be perfect but it should fill into the space snugly. Once complete, wrap masking tape around it until you have a smooth and uniform mold. After you have finished cleaning your fitted cap you should keep the mold and reuse it on other hats that you want to clean in the future.

Take the mold and fit it securely in the top of your still damp hat. Keep it in place as you put it on your head. Use the blow dryer on the 'cool' setting to thoroughly dry out your hat. After approximately 10 to 15 minutes your fitted hat should be completely dry. There shouldn't be any obvious wrinkles, but if there are you can re-dampen the area and adjust the mold so that is it completely smooth, then use the blow dryer again. This cleaning method can save you hundreds of dollars over time, and it will ensure that you will never need to throw out one of your precious fitted hats again.