How To - School Blackboard
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The chalkboard is one of a key features in the learning environment of multiple classrooms. However, not every teacher knows, how to clean a blackboard quickly and thoroughly. You can use various cleaning supplies, ranging from simple chalkboard erasers, through homemade solutions, to professional cleaning detergents.

Let's see, which cleaning methods work best. If you manage to avoid key mistakes, it's easy to keep the classroom chalkboard in a great shape for years.

How to clean a school blackboard with chalkboard eraser

The most popular way to clean a classroom board is with using a sponge, or a chalkboard eraser. As soon as you wipe the board with a dry eraser, you can start writing again. Occasionally, this speed is essential. For example, when you have stopped in the middle of math calculations to make blank space for further writing and don't want to lose the thought, it's necessary to wipe the greenboard quickly.

Teachers often make a mistake here and use a wet chalkboard eraser. This damages the protective layer on the classroom blackboard, therefore leading to the creation of artefacts on the surface. Writing on the wet blackboard damages it, because any moisture changes the structure of the blackboard, leading to a ghosting damage. The outline of a writing remains visible, even after the surface dries, because the chalk had merged with flat solid surface of the chalkboard.

Always use a dry chalkboard eraser, moving it smoothly over the surface. This way, you can avoid the ghosting damage, while quickly cleaning a school slate. Select a sponge, which is wide enough to use on the school blackboard, typically larger, than chalkboards used by kids at home. Length of 10 inches is enough for an easy cleaning with broad strokes.

To find the best  chalkboard eraser, look for the cleaner with a comfortable, solid handle and made from sturdy material, which never sheds and yet is gentle for the flat solid surface of the blackboard.

However, if you choose to dry clean a classroom blackboard, puffs of chalk dust spread around, settling on the surrounding furniture and an unfortunate teacher, or a pupil. Part of the dust remains on the blackboard. With time, any slate collects the dust layer. Then, chalk writing becomes less visible due to the low contrast . That's why it's necessary to use other ways to clean a school blackboard at least once in a while.

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How to clean a school blackboard with soap or vinegar

You can use homemade solutions to clean the surface of a chalkboard inexpensively. Mix eight parts of water with one part of a white vinegar.  Sink a lint-free piece of cloth in the vinegar solution, then wring it and wipe the blackboard sheet with wide, gentle strokes. Then wipe the chalkboard again with the piece of cloth, moistened only with water, to get rid of the vinegar smell. Let the board dry.

This procedure works as well, when you use a soap, or a mild detergent solution, instead of the white vinegar mix.

How to clean a school blackboard with lemon oil wipes

Use a lemon oil to make homemade cleaning wipes for the cleaning of a chalkboard. Apply a teaspoon or two of the lemon oil to the lint free piece of cloth. Then, close it in a plastic bag overnight, to let it absorb this lemon oil thoroughly. Then, use it to wipe the surface of a blackboard clean. Finally, absorb the film of an excess lemon oil from the chalkboard surface with the clean, dry cloth.

You can buy some lemon oil, or prepare your own solution by soaking fresh lemon peels in the mineral oil overnight. Prepare a few wipes at once and open sealed bags later at school, just before applying oily towels to the surface. A single cloth, which was soaked in lemon oil, lasts for a few cleanings, until the oil evaporates, or the wipe gets too dirty with a chalk dust.

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How to clean school blackboard with professional detergents

You can choose professional cleaning solutions to refresh a school greenboard efficiently. These are more expensive than any homemade stuff, but provide fast and thorough cleaning results, while removing the chalk residue and shadows. Just remember, that you still need to let the chalkboard dry before using chalk, so as to avoid an artefact formation on the writing layer.

If you wish to use a ready-made cleaning solution, which allows you to write immediately after erasing, apply cleaning wipes instead.

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To keep the school blackboard in a good shape, you need to clean it properly. You can use either homemade cleaning solutions, or professional spray cleaners. The speed, efficiency and cost differs between various techniques.

Choose the best combination for your classroom, according to your budget and needs. Remember to avoid writing on the wet chalkboard and it will last for years, to provide an ideal learning experience for your pupils.