Bamboo-Floors are a gorgeous addition to a home. They look light, airy and beautiful and it's a better environmental choice. Bamboo will re-grow to maturity and a harvestable age in approximately 3 years. Oak trees for example can take upwards of 100 years so based on that alone, Bamboo-Flooring is better for the environment. While Bamboo-Floors are sold as being as durable or more durable than any hardwood floor, the truth is they are not any more durable. Bamboo-Flooring requires care as does any hardwood floor. Bamboo-Floors will scratch, get dents and other damage if you treat them as if they were indestructible. All in all Bamboo wood flooring should be a front runner when considering what type of floor to install. Bamboo-Floors are as easy to maintain as other types of wood floors, but care and cleaning needs to be done regularly.



Remove your shoes before walking from outside to inside especially if you wear heels. High heels are very rough on all types of wood floors. If you choose not to remove your shoes, place a door mat at the door and wipe off small bits of dirt and tiny rocks which will scratch the Bamboo-Floor surface.

On a daily basis, go over the floors with a dry mop to remove dirt and dust.

Depending on how much use your flooring is subjected to vacuum the Bamboo-Floor at least twice a week.

Again, depending on how much use, at least once or twice per week mop your Bamboo-Floors. Use a slightly damp mop with plain water to pick up dust and pet hair. Follow with a dry mop to dry the floor. Never use a very wet mop because the water will be absorbed causing the Bamboo-Flooring to expand and swell and eventually form cracks.

If your Bamboo-Floors need a little more cleaning add 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water, dip the mop in, wring it out well and mop the floor. Immediately dry the floor with a dry mop or a dry rag.

Bamboo-Floors Stain Removal


Grease or Oil Stains- Use a clean, soft rag, apply mineral spirits and rub the stain to remove. Mineral spirits can be purchased at hardware stores and home improvement stores.

Pet stains and water stains- Apply wax to extra fine steel wool and rub away the stains. Prevention is best so always clean up spills and pet accidents immediately.

Crayon Marks- Dab a clean, soft rag into paste floor wax and rub vigorously across the crayon mark.

Gum- Place a rag over the gum, place ice in a plastic zippered bag and set the bag on top of the rag for 15 minutes or so to allow the gum to harden. Use the edge of a credit card or flexible plastic scraper to lift and remove the gum.

Remove Scratches From Bamboo-Floors


Buy wax repair sticks at home improvement stores, hardware stores or online. Rub the wax across the scratch to fill it in. Apply a light coat of paste floor wax.

To repair deep scratches or gouges in Bamboo-Floors use a matching color wood filler and fill in the scratches and gouges. If the damage it too great to be filled in, the Bamboo-Floor board may need to be replaced.