Using our curling irons and straightening irons every day can be rough on them after time. The hair products we use also build-up on the irons which can cause them not to work as efficiently as they should. The residue build-up on the irons cause them not to heat up as hot as they should. It is good practice to wipe the iron off with a dampened cloth after each use. Thorough cleaning is required every month or so to keep the iron in top working condition.

Things You Will Need

Soft cloths ( 2 - 3 )
Baking soda
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Scrubbing sponge

Step 1

Always be sure the iron is completely cool prior to cleaning it. For curling and straightening irons that have hair product build-up, use a cloth dampened in a vinegar and water mix. Wipe the barrel or the plates to clean them well. Use another clean cloth moistened with water to remove any vinegar residue.

Step 2

For scorch and burn marks on the iron, use a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover to wipe the iron clean. This might require a couple of attempts to fully remove the marks from the iron. For stubborn hair product build-up from the iron, nail polish remover can be effective also. Use this when vinegar does not do the trick. Remember to use a cloth dampened with water to remove any residue of the nail polish remover.

Step 3

If you still have scorch or burn marks on the iron or built-up hair product residue that has not been removed by the previous techniques, try sprinkling the iron with baking soda. Roll the iron up in a moistened towel and allow it to set for a couple of hours. Make a paste with baking soda and a small amount of water. After the towel has been removed, dip a toothbrush or a medium course sponge into the paste and scrub the iron. This is also a good technique to use when the build-up on the iron is very stubborn. Be sure to wipe the iron clean with a dampened cloth to remove all of the baking soda.
By keeping our curling and straightening irons clean and free from build-up, they will work more efficiently and will also last longer. Even more importantly, the irons will perform better on the hair. The curling iron will make better curls when it is free of residue. When the straightening iron is clean, it does a much better job with straightening the hair. When the iron is dirty it is impossible to get the kind of results we expect.

Tips & Warnings

Have you ever notice particles on your hair that look like dandruff after using the iron? This is likely due to the residue build-up of hair products on the iron. When the iron is hot, the heat causes the residue to come off easily when you are doing your hair. Of course, this is not dandruff but instead, particles coming off of the curling irons barrel and plates. All the more reason to keep them clean.