If you have decided to update your kitchen and now you are the proud owner of a stunning granite countertop, then just how do you keep it that way? Just how to clean granite countertops to shine and last for years is quite simple, but if you don't follow a few simple rules, it can cost you big time.

Granite is usually installed by professionals, as it is heavy and awkward to handle. But once installed, they will usually seal it for you and then you can't use it for a day or two, then you clean it and off you go.

But did you know that as tough as that shiny polished granite seems, it has a few enemies? Acids, such as cola soft drinks can actually etch into the shine. So, you need to make sure that cans of coke are not left sitting on the counter where they could form a ring.

Do Not Use Window Products!!

Window cleaning products that contain ammonia, can dull the shine, so as much as you think it is shiny like glass you should not use window cleaners or vinegar. Stay away from any harsh cleaners, as they tend to etch.

How to clean granite countertops? 

Very simple.

Step 1 - Fill the Sink with Clean Warm Water

Step 2 - Add a couple of drops of gentle dish washing soap.

Step 3 - Wipe Granite with solution above

Step 4 - Buff with Dry soft clean Cloth

You don't need to buy expensive granite cleaners. If you find that you have a lot of grease on the granite countertop and soap and water are not moving it, then you can take a quart of water and put 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol in it, then into a spray bottle, and spray this on the counter. It will cut through grease and residue and bring back that shine.

When we had our granite countertop installed 7 years ago, that was the first thing I asked the installer. He said water and a tiny bit of dish soap, is all that the surface needs to stay clean and shiny.

Once a Year - Seal Your Granite

Once a Year Use a Sealer For Protection

 Once a year, you should try and put on a granite countertop sealer, just to make sure your countertop will not absorb anything. Even though it may look shiny, it should get sealed. One way to really know, is if you spill water on the counter does it bead? If it doesn't it may be time for a sealing.

Just follow the instruction on the bottle for the sealing.

But other than that, everyday, cleaning should just be with warm water and then buff it up to a shine. Always make sure and mop up and spills on the counter, especially anything acidic, such as tomato and citrus based foods.

Use a cutting board, and don't put hot dishes on the countertop. It may look like a big piece of tough rock, but you can hurt it, if you are not careful.

How to clean granite countertops - Stay on top of spills, don't leave rings of acidic drinks sitting there, seal it once a year, use warm water and a bit of soap to clean it, and keep it clean and dry, and your granite countertop will last many years.


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