Cleaning microsuede throw pillows is not complicated. It’ as simple as taking the right steps, using the right cleaning products, and caring for your fabric the right way in your daily routine.

First of all you need to get your hands on the best microsuede cleaner on the block. The basis for cleaning microsuede is actually quite simple, it can be summarized by saying apply a gentle soap or detergent, rub in and lightly scrub with a soft bristled brush, and then let dry. The best microsuede cleaner that I use however is a pre-formulated product by Blue Coral. It may not be necessary but due to its low price and ease of use I’d rather use it than soapy water any day.

Green Stain Resistant Microfiber Throw PillowIt’s this easy because the fabric is designed to be stain and dirt resistant. It is made of polyester or various polyester blends which chemically are colored and sealed. You can usually depend on microfiber to be a great fabric for your decorative throw pillows and sofa sections, especially if you have pets or children.

Some pillows, couches, and other accessories covered in microsuede have fabric covers that come off and can be placed in the washer but what do you do if your microsuede throw pillows do not have covers that come off? How do you clean them? What about microsuede and pet hair? Are the care requirements different?

How To Clean Microsuede Throw Pillows

Step One

Blue Coal Microsuede Cleaner For Furniture & UpholsteryIf you are not using a microfiber cleaner but rather soap and water then you have to do some mixing in the kitchen. Most microfiber pieces of furniture are very easy to clean and require nothing more than a gentle soap scrub. If you use basic powder soap then you can mix it in cool to warm water or simply use a dish soap in a very small quantities.

Before you apply the soap and start scrubbing however you are going to want to lightly dry clean the upholstery first. We need to get rid of all loose dirt, debris, and pet hair before applying moisture and soap.

Step Two

FurFighter Pet Hair Remover For UpholsteryThe best pet hair remover in my opinion is the FurFighter by Scotch. If you don’t have or want to get a dedicated pet hair cleaner then you can always use a large lint roller, vacuum, or even a large roll of clear plastic packing tape.  Any of these products will pull loose dirt and hair from the surface and adequately prepare the surface for soapy water and a brush.

If your microsuede throw pillows have removable covers then it’s worth taking them off and putting them through the usual washing machine with your clothes rather than washing them by hand. The same goes for couch cushions that have removable covers and other microsuede pieces which can easily go into the washing machine.

By washing these on the cold or gentle cycle with your other clothes you can save a lot of time and the whole process will be easier… you also won’t have to wait for the fabric to dry before you get it back into daily use.

Step three

Decorative Beige Microsuede Throw PillowOne you have dry washed your microfiber pillows, couch cushions, and fabrics, removed all pet hair and standing dirt and laundered the covers and fabrics that can go in a standard washing machine the rest is all about gently scrubbing the dirty areas of your couch and the decorative pillows with your soapy water or microfiber cleaner of choice.

Again, I prefer using upholstery cleaner which is suitable for microfiber surfaces because they make it easy to use. Most have dispensers with scrubbing heads for stains and because they contain all cleaning product there is less prep time and clean up time to think about.

In any event it’s good to also have on hand a soft brush head scrubber to scrub and massage the cleaning solution into the stain. You certainly don’t need a lot of cleaning solution; you don’t want to over-wet your couch or pillow but you will need enough to loosen dirt and actually clean.

After scrubbing and cleaning your fabric pillows and upholstery you will want to set the pieces aside to dry before ever covering them or using them. Wet upholstery will get dirty fast if it is not allowed time to dry.

These steps can be applied to any other form of microsuede fabrics but the easiest way is to throw your garment of fabric in the wash with the right detergent on the right setting. This isn’t possible for all pieces so knowing how to do it by hand is a good thing.

Luckily many fabrics can be cleaned with basic upholstery cleaner. If you won’t need it much for your throw pillows and couch cushions you can usually use this for car seats, chair pads, and any cloth or upholstery that isn’t able to be thrown into the wash. Carpets may even be in game however you probably want to stick with good carpet cleaners for floor jobs.