Many homeowners have hot-water-heaters with tanks that they depend on for a hot water supply when bathing, showering, washing dishes or teh laundry. If the hot-water-heater burner becomes dirty, it may stop working which will stop your expected supply of hot water. The hot-water-heater burner should be cleaned twice a year to maintain optimal performance. The gas and flame corrode and degrade the surface of the hot-water-heater which can cause small pieces of metal and rusted metal to fall onto the heater burner. These little specks of metal and rust cover the jets where the gas comes out and blocks them. Blocked gas jets then become much less efficient and the flame from the unblocked portion of the jets will burn higher and hotter which will then cause more corrosion and degradation to the surface. This damage will create more rust and more small pieces of metal to fall onto it. If left un-cleaned the hot-water-heater will use more gas thus raising the heating bills and will lead to an early failure of the hot-water-heater.



Turn the hot-water-heater setting to the off position and turn the electrical power off to the water heater itself.

Turn off the gas supply valve to the heater.

Never work on any appliance or machinery will live power, it can cause a severe shock and possibly death.

Never work on a gas fired appliance with the gas on because you can cause the gas to leak into your home and cause an explosion and a fire.

Accessing it

Remove the access panels from the lower part of your hot-water-heater.

There should be two panels, an inner panel and an outer panel. Typically, the panels slide into place or some maybe held on with a screw.

Removing the panels will reveal it.

Cleaning it

Vacuum it to remove any debris with an upholstrey brush attached to a vacuum hose.

Turn the power to your hot-water-heater back on and relight it.

Look to see if any of the gas jets are still clogged. If the flame is even and the jets are functioning properly, replace the panels. If any of the jets remain clogged, repeat the steps to turn the heater off again and perform a deeper cleaning on it.

Deep Burner Cleaning

Loosen the nuts holding it valve in place.

Take it out of the hot-water-heater. It usually slides out. This generally only has to be done if you have never cleaned it or have not cleaned it in a long time.

Use a thin strong piece of wire and poke each hole to push out any metal pieces or rust particles that are clogging it.

Vacuum it again to pick up the small pieces of dust, dirt and debris.

Put it back in place and tighten the nuts.

Restore power and relight the hot-water-heater.

The jets should now be burning evenly.


This whole process will only take a few minutes and is very worthwhile because it will help to extend the life of your hot-water-heater and lower your gas expense.

Keep your water heater burner clean to ensure hot water whenever you need or want it.