Nothing beats a nice glass of red wine with a delicious pasta dinner. As a matter of fact, red wine is great even if you are just sitting around enjoying a glass with friends. The biggest problem with red wine, is when somebody has a few too many glasses and winds up spilling it on the floor. Instead of letting this ruin your night, you can do a few things to quickly get the red wine off your carpet, and get back to enjoying a nice evening with your companions.

In order to get that red wine out you are going to need a few things:
White Wine
Some Rags or towels
A clean damp cloth
Scotchards's Oxy Carpet Cleaner

Alright, so what could only seem like a catastrophe has already occurred, don't get upset; just stay calm.

Go and grab a bottle of white wine and pour some on the carpet over top of the red wine. The white wine will help neutralize the red wine making it easier to wipe up. Allow the white wine a few seconds to blend with the red wine before using one of your rags or towels to wipe up the fluids. When wiping up the fluid be very careful that you don't rub the liquid into the carpet.

Next, spray the carpet with the Oxy Carpet Cleaner as per the instructions on the bottle and allow the chemical to set in your carpet.

Finally, use your damp clean cloth to wipe up the remaining mess from the Oxy Carpet Cleaner.

You are now ready to continue enjoying your evening without the stress of thinking you are going to have to bring in a professional carpet cleaning company!