Vinyl siding has fast become one the most used exterior finished for homes. It has a clean look; it does not rot and it does not flake. Since this is true, it does not need to be painted. This has a made it a preferred choice of many homeowners when deciding to put siding on their home. But vinyl siding will get dirty. Therefore you will need to clean your vinyl siding from time to time. So how to you clean vinyl siding? It is a pretty simple process. Just follow the steps below.

Clean Vinyl Siding - The Preparation

I know it might sound odd to talk about preparation to clean but there are a few things that you will want to do. The first is to remove anything that is in front of your siding. Make sure you have a clear path to walk along the side of your house so that you can begin cleaning. You will also want to turn off the power to your outside electrical sockets. It is never good to spray water into live electrical plugs. Once you have turned off the power you will want to place duct tape over the outlets so that water does not get inside during your cleaning process.

 If you have plants against your house you will want to cover them with a plastic tarp so that the chemicals used in cleaning don't get on them. This is especially true if you have a garden next to your house.

 Walk around your house and give your vinyl siding a quick look to see if you see any signs of mold. If you do then there is a special treatment that you will want to do for those areas.

Clean Vinyl Siding - The Process

I would recommend using a pressure washer to clean your home's vinyl siding. However, if you would prefer to save a few dollars you can get a bucket and cloth and do it the old fashioned way. This way will take you much longer. But if you have all the time in the world, knock yourself out and get to scrubbing. If you don't own a pressure washer, you can easily rent them from the nearest tool rental company.

 If you choose the bucket method then fill your bucket with water and mix in some liquid dishsoap or some other mild detergent. The process is not much different than washing your car. First wet the section of house that you are going to clean with your garden hose. Then dip your rag or brush into your bucket and start at the bottom and begin cleaning your siding. When you have clean an area then rinse it down so that the soap does not dry on the siding. Continue to repeat this process until you are done with the house (a number of hours later).

 If you would rather use a pressure washer you will need to fill up the tank of the washer with your water and cleaning solution. Attach the hose (if not already attached) and begin spraying. You will want to hold the nozzle at a 45 degree angle to the siding. I prefer to spray from the top down but it doesn't really matter. You will probably find it easier to break the wall down into five foot sections so that you know where you have been. Remember to rinse each section or two have you have pressure washed it.

 If you did encounter mold or mildew in your preparation stage you can use a bleach product to clean the affected areas. If they are not large areas, I find it easier to clean these areas by hand so that I don't have to change the water in the tank of the pressure washer.