Clean A Storage Cabinet

If you find that your CD Storage Cabinet is in need of  a little care and attention , then here  is a way you can bring back that luster and shine. You will find after you do this simple cleaning process that it will take years off the look of your cabinet. The items you will use can be found around the home or at your local hardware store. For this you will need  a mild soap, a wood cleaner, orange oil and a few clean rags. OK first grab a bowl and fill with warm water, mix with mild soap and begin to wipe clean the interior and surfaces using a clean rag. If you find that you come across any hard to remove substances, simply dab a little wood cleaner onto the area and gently work to a clean surface, be sure to read instructions as to be used and applied.

Once you are sure that you have cleaned the whole cabinet, then grab another clean rag and begin to wipe it down do this until Cabinet is clean and dry. Once you have done this and you feel it is sufficiently dry, then you can begin the process of applying a wood polish. There are many polishes you can choose from, i find that using orange oil wood polish is ideal as it will leave a fresh smelling citrus smell as well as shine. You will want to buy one in a spray bottle for ease of application, spray each shelve on your cabinet, doing one shelve at a time and working your way down. Use a dry clean rag and begin to gently rub the oil into the surface, after you have done each shelve and all other areas grab another clean rag and give your  storage cabinet a final rub down . You will find that this final stage will bring out the shine in your cabinet and keep it looking in top condition. Keep it  and looking it's best by regularly giving a spring clean every two months or when it deems necessary.

Try to keep up on maintaining your Cabinets new look, this process shouldn't take you longer than under an hour depending on the size of the unit. Keep a cupboard handy for these items in the future and not only will you be able to keep your CD Storage Cabinet clean but any other hard surface furniture that may need  a little care.