Frankly speaking there is no need to teach a professional photographer how to care for his camera; it's there bread and butter and they love there cmeras like there baby, this article is intended to give tips to the amateur camera lovers who forget to love their camera after some time. All the high quality cameras are precision equipments and they have very sensitive parts, most of the amateur photographers invest fat sum of bucks to buy this high end cameras but forget that they need to be cared to give best quality of results even 'point and shoot' cameras need some basic care to work well and give back the value of your money. If you have a camera then following are the basic caring tips to keep the life and results of your camera high.
(A) Carry bag To protect your Camera-
Always use a carry bag for your camera while traveling or storing the camera at home or studio. Most of the people like to display there shiny big cameras while the are not using it, It’s actually not your camera by which people get impressed, it’s your photographs. So not caring the camera with carry bag will increase risk of:
1) Accidental damage by falling,
2) Exposure to temperature change like high heat or sunlight in desert climates
3) Exposure to cold temperature in snowfall and mountain expeditions,
4) Exposure to humidity and sand on beaches.
3) Danger of dust penetration into fine parts of the camera.
4) Scratches on the body and lens.
So go and find the carry bag of your camera and start using it from now.
What to look while buying a carry bag? Chose a carry bag with compartments to keep lenses, flash, films, memory cards. Look for the strap; it should be strong and broad not to break accidentally. It should be sturdy and well padded to support the camera from shocks. Always travel with your full kit in your carry bag.Always use Camera Straps while doing photography; this will protect from accidental fall and breakage of your camera.


Camera Bag

Camera Bag

(B) Lens Cleaning- 
Every photographer is so sensitive to keep there camera lens in best form. You can see photographers cleaning and checking there lenses before every photo shoot, Best lens in best form will give best images. You must follow some basic lens cleaning protocol to ensure your camera lens is clean. Any unexplained blurry spot at same place on all the photographs will hint you about any dirt or mark on the lens so it’s better to clean your lens before any photography session.
The Protocol-1) Don’t touch the lens.Keep the lens cover on all the times and open only at the time of photography. The spare lenses should cover from both the ends before you keep them in your carry bag.
2) Any fingerprint and dirt should be cleaned with air blower and lens cleaning brush,if it’s stubborn then clean it with micro fiber cloth and lens cleaning solution. Don’t get impatient by pouring the solution directly on the lens but use the cloth dipped in the solution. Lots of lens cleaning kit are out in market chose any best quality economical one for you

Lens Cleaning

Lens Cleaning

(C) Care for the sensor and inner components-
Avoid caring the camera to places which have lots of dirt and sand, don’t keep the camera exposed in too high or too low temperature. It’s not advisable for you to open the camera and clean the sensor but if you are technically sound then you can clean the sensor with cotton buds but very carefully (Only when needed not regularly)

(D) About batteries- Keep the batteries out while you are not using you camera. They ma leak and corrode your camera parts.

Sensor Cleaning

sensor cleaning

(E) Micro fiber cloth- It’s a kind of cloth made up of very fine grade of fibers, ordinary cloth is not so fine and it holds dirt in between the fibers this may produce scratch while cleaning the lens. It’s easily available at stores and you should change it once you have used it for sufficient time.


Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth

It’s my advice to keep these simple points in mind and buy a good quality of Lens Cleaning Kit so that you can keep your camera at it’s best condition and get the full value of your money you invested in it for long time and yes keep clicking amazing photos.