Diaper RashIf your baby has diaper rash, you want to do everything you can to ease their discomfort and clear up the rash so it is completely gone. My son had really bad diaper rash, and these tips helped me out a lot.

What you will need:

* Clean, warm water in a bowl

* Large cotton swabs

* Cornstarch or cornstarch baby powder unscented

* Original Desitin (not the creamy kind)

What to do:

*Change your baby's diaper often. Don't let them go too long in a wet diaper, and immediately change a soiled diaper.

*When changing your baby's diaper, be very gentle with the diaper rash area. There are many different wipes out there that claim to be sensitive, but they also contain a chemical solution the keep the wipe wet. The best thing to use is warm water and plain white real cotton balls.

*Dip the cotton balls in the bowl of warm water and use them one at a time to gently dab and clean up any messes. Don't re-dip. Just use one until it is dirty and then throw it away and use another cotton ball. It is helpful to put a towel under your baby when doing this, since the water will run off a bit.

*When the area is all clean, pat it dry with a towel and then let it air dry for a while before putting another diaper on. It is very essential that the area is not damp. This will really help to clear up the diaper rash.

*When you are ready to put the diaper back on, sprinkle a small amount of cornstarch or cornstarch baby powder onto the diaper area and pat it in so it gets all areas.

*At night, use a thin layer of the original desitin on the diaper rash. It is really thick and forms a good protective layer. Don't use the desitin creamy because it wipes off too easily and doesn't work as well.