If you are looking for something to collect, consider comic books. Read this simple guide to help you learn how to start collecting comic books.

Comic BooksCredit: mj*laflaca

Step 1: Identify Your Interests
Before you start buying, think about the types of movies, books, magazines and television shows you enjoy. If you are more of an action fan when it comes to movies then seek out that genre of comic. There are many great dramatic choices at your local comic book store as well. If you happen to be a fan of more dramatic television like Six Feet Under then there is a comic title for you as well.
When considering how to start collecting comic books, think also about the eras that you enjoy reading or watching. If you a fan of Medieval fiction or futuristic shows, then seek out titles from similar times.

Step 2: Monthly Comic Books or Trade Paperbacks
When most people think about how to start collecting comic books, they immediately think of the typical monthly releases. But most comics are also released in trade paperbacks, which are book collections of multiple, individual comics.
Trade paperbacks are great if you show an interest in a title that has been going for a while. If that is the case, it is much cheaper and more efficient to buy a few of these to catch up. Some people only like to collect trade paperbacks of previously released titles since they don’t have to wait from month to month.
If you are not a big fan of waiting but want to start collecting comic books, consider collecting trade paperbacks exclusively since it allows you to digest much more at a time.

Step 3: Moral and Ethical Boundaries
Comic books these days can be gory, racy, and downright filthy. If you are alright with this kind of exposure then you don’t need to take it into consideration when choosing what comics to start with. If you have limitations on the type of content you prefer to read then check out each title before reading. Just because a comic is not approved by the Comics Code Authority doesn’t mean it’s bad and sometimes those with approval offend people.
Be sure to ask your local comic shop employee if they can give a little insight on the questionable content found in a title you are interest in. Many are all too eager to lend insight and help out someone looking to start collecting comic books.

Step 4: Super Heroes or Real Life
Many newer comic book readers find the superhero genre a bit corny. There are a wealth of titles that appeal to readers who prefer a more realistic approach to fiction. Simply by looking through some cover art, most people can identify what will appeal to them.

Step 5: Recommendations
I find the comics I enjoy the most were those recommended by friends. Recommendations also help me to avoid some things that sound good but are really not. If you have comic reading friends be sure to ask what they’re reading before starting your comic book collection.

You can also research other collectible websites to find some great recommended titles.

Step 6: Get Out There and Buy
It can be pretty cheap to start a comic book collection. Most new titles will cost between $3-$6 an issue so your monthly investment is fairly low for just a couple titles. Visit your local comic shop and browse until you find just the right title for you.

Now you know how to start a comic book collection! Have a great time reading and collecting.