If you have decided to do some investing of money and time into Elvis memorabilia then you are going to need a plan. Before you start buying everything you see, you have to decide whether this is for a hobby or profit.

If collecting this is for a hobby, then you will be interested in anything from the era, such as records, posters, movies, and more.. If you are interested in collecting Elvis Presley for a hobby turned business, then you will need to find collectibles that are a wanted item. Usually these are his earlier movies, records and posters and articles of clothing, and anything with his autograph.

Whether this is for a hobby or to resell, you need to get out there and do a bit of research and some shopping! You are not only restricted to physical shopping but it doesn't hurt to get out there and find some to collect in person. You can start with:


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Garage Sales

Believe it or not, this can be a great source for collectibles of all kinds but especially for Elvis memorabilia, and especially if this is an older persons garage sale. If they are from the same era as Elvis Presley then there just might be a few things that are being sold off in a box or amongst records.. you may need to do some digging here.

Estate Sales

These can be a gold mine. Most likely older people from the same era as Elvis, and maybe their kids are now trying to get rid of the contents of a house. Once again you may need to do some digging. A friend of mine came across a mint condition LP record at a estate sale, in a huge box of old records. She just flipped through them and found it and they sold it to her for a dollar.


If you are not one for digging through garage sales, and piles of boxes at the estate sales or the reuse center.. then you can shop online for many different pieces.


Is of course one of the largest sources. You may need to check on the feedback of sellers, but if you pay with paypal, you can get some protection from fraudulent sellers.

One way to see what a collectable is selling for is to go into "advanced search" and then check "completed sales". Then you can see what the items were actually selling for and if there is a lot of action on the particular product you are looking at. This can help you when you are looking to buy or to resell.


This is another great place to source any kind of collectable. There were and still are many tributes to Elvis Presley, and many creations and collectables from lamps to clocks and more

Online Search

If you collect a particular piece of Elvis Presley, then you can basically type it in your search engine and see what comes up. The more detailed you are the less pages you will have to siphon through. Put your search in quotations and then you will only get sites that offer that particular item.

So, if Elvis is your new hobby or collecting business, then you can either go out on foot and go looking or shop from your armchair. If you shop online, Elvis Collectibleshttp://www.awltovhc.com/image-2294268-10307778 you should make sure and have a Paypal account. It is the most widely used and accepted payment online.

Have fun collecting Elvis memorabilia. One word of warning. Make sure you have enough room in your house, or pick a smaller item, such as Records! They can easily take over if you go for the larger ones!