What do you collect for fun and profit?

Everyone wants to know what the next big "collectible" will be. None of us really knows what will be considered profitable 10 years from now, or what will still be worth the 99 cent you paid for it.

I know I could kick myself for every time I cleaned out the house, and got rid of a few more kids toys, as my kids grew older. My little pony was one of them, and now if you do a search for "my little pony" online you will find there are people paying top dollar for them.

Clean out Your Basement and Find Collectibles

If you are looking to make some instant money, rather than worrying about what to collect for the future, start cleaning out your basement. Put things in a box, that you are unsure of, and keep them for later. When you get some time, start putting the item in the search box of Ebay. This is your largest online source for collectibles and what people are likely to pay for them. I am sure there are other sites, but this is a good place to start.

You Could Be Sitting on Hundreds of Dollars

You could be short of cash, and yet sitting on hundreds of dollars in your basement or garage. Many kids toys, have become collectible, and many are not from that long ago. Although my daughter is now 25, it did not seem that long ago, that I got rid of those toy ponies. They went to a good home, but I am sure the recipient doesn't realize that they are worth a good penny now!

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Had I known that, I would have bought bunches of them and kept them in their original packaging, because that seems to bring in the best dollars. Or all those die cast cars my son used to collect.

I am paying for the fact, that I cleaned out my basement and didn't hang on to anything!

So, if you are thinking about collecting for fun a profit, then start with your basement, your garage, your families garages, and estate sales, and do a bit of homework online. You will get to know what is worth something and what is not.

Then you can either sell them at collectible shows, or sell them online. I have found online to be a great tool. The only draw back to selling online, is the size of your collectible. If you stick to small items that can easily be mailed, then you are more likely to create a great online presence, but if you want to sell larger items, you should probably do that in collectible shows or in your local paper or online classifieds to get the word out, and have customers come to you.

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If you are just starting out, then stick to small things, such as collectible cards, toys, kitchen items and more. Don't throw anything out, until you check it out online.

It is not always the obvious ones that are worth the money. Webkinz are a big item, but I have found my Little Pony is some cases worth more. Maybe because everyone got onto the Webkinz craze or the beanie babies. It seems the quiet not as popular toys from years gone by, seem to be worth some money now. Do you remember those little figurines you used to get in Red Rose Tea? My Grandma would collect those and have them all sitting on the window ledge. We gave them away, only to find out they are worth something!

So, it may take longer to clean out your basement this way, but you are likely to make some money so it is worth the time and effort. Get Collecting for fun and Profit!