If you're interested in comparing the WWE wrestling superstars, there are some things you should consider.

In Ring Skill:

Hulk Hogan couldn't wrestle, but he's considered by some to be the greatest WWE wrestling superstar of all time. Body slams, punches and leg drops sum up all of his matches. So maybe in ring skill doesn't mean much to the casual fan, but it does to the fanatics. Give me a classic Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels match any day. Some of the other truly great in ring tacticians, like Tully Blanchard or Dean Malenko never reached the same popularity level, but are widely recognized as great competitors. I would say HHH is the benchmark today.

Character Development:

Thankfully, most of the ridiculous characters are gone. Anyone remember Bastian Booger? What a joke. Some of the best characters are really nothing more than an extension the WWE wrestling superstar's personality. Remember Hulk Hogan? While he had little or no in ring skills, he was a master in all other areas, especially character development. The character of the Undertaker has been fairly consistent, save for the biker version, over the last fifteen plus years.

Charisma/Fan Pop:

Whether it's boos or cheers, the reaction of the fan is ultimately what gets the WWE wrestling superstars their push. Like any other entertainment business, the fans generally get what they want. This isn't always the case; Christian in ECW? Maybe time will help, he has all of the tools you look for in top tier WWE wrestling superstars.

Microphone Skills:

This wasn't nearly as important ten or fifteen years ago. Guys like Wahoo McDaniels fumbled their way through interviews, but were still main event stars. Who is the last WWE wrestling superstar you've seen that cannot work a microphone, and actually make it to the top tier? It just doesn't happen these days. Have you seen a show lately? A two hour show has about 20 minutes of WWE wrestling superstars in the ring for matches, the rest is interviews. Guys like Mr. Kennedy are getting a huge push for their skills on the microphone. The legends like Ric Flair or Dusty Rhodes always gave a great interview.

As far as I'm concerned, these are the best ways to compare WWE wrestling superstars. How do you compare the wrestlers?