So you finally decided to invest on a pair of wireless speakers to compliment your new television. Television sound on its own sometimes just isn’t enough and so enhancements are sometimes necessary. Luckily, there are ways to conveniently access and enhance sound in order to create a dynamic sound system. Although “Gone are the days when wires were used for connectivity,” is not an accurate statement, it is definitely more true than not. Today, wireless rules (less wires!). Aside from the tangled mess wires create all over your living space, today’s speakers are less bulky and more sleekly designed to match the modern look of televisions. First, you will have to decide on the wireless speakers that work best for your space and needs. With so many brands offering ingenious designs with a varied price range, the decision is all yours. Once that’s settled, it’s time to connect the speakers to your television to get your wireless surround sound.

Connecting to a TV

First, make sure you have an existing home network that includes a wireless router and sure your HD television has built-in WiFi or has wireless capabilities (you’ll need an adaptor if it doesn’t have a built-in WiFi). Here is a handy dandy checklist of things you will need: Wireless transmitter (duh), front and rear speakers of your choosing and RCA audio cables. The wireless transmitter will transmit the signal to the receiver. The RCA cable will need to be plugged into the “audio in” and “audio out” ports of the wireless transmitter. Depending on the speakers used, at least one of your front speakers will need to be physically plugged in to send audio to all others. The location of speakers is relatively important. If there are labels indicating placement, it is best to follow suite. Turn on the wireless transmitter as well as your television and speakers.

Connecting to a Tablet

More than likely, you’ll want to connect your speakers to a tablet. You’ll want to start off by turning the wireless speakers on. Next, you will want to enable Bluetooth on your device (steps vary depending on the device) and search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Select the speaker from the list and you’re connected! From here, the possibilities are endless. You can connect to your favorite streaming services.

Enhancing your surround sound takes just a few short moments of your time with the right speakers. How will you choose the best one for you? Money is always a factor and today, there’s a wireless speaker for all budgets. What features are most important to you will help you pick the best one. The Bose Cinemate 520 home theater system connects via Bluetooth and is designed to provide exceptional sound. Its five speakers and a wireless bass module are clean and elegant - a perfect match for any living space. HEOS by Denon[1] has a variety of wireless speakers for most budgets.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one system, consider Denon’s DHT-T110, the two-way fits conveniently under your television unit and connects directly to your television. It features AUX and USB inputs to add devices. With Dolby Digital recording, it delivers exceptional sound.

While the thought of connecting anything electronic may sounds like a complicated task, connecting your wireless speakers is not. We have simplified the connection process and even gave some tips on how to pick the best speakers for you. So, there you have it. A simple guide from A to Z on how to connect your wireless speakers to your television and/or tablet.