From time to time, everyone suffers from shyness or wanting to stay low key. You're not really wanting to associate with people, but there are people who have a more extreme kind of shyness.

What is this kind of extreme shyness that I'm talking about? Extreme kind of shyness keeps people from being able to interact with others on a normal basis. It is a mental disorder that makes it so hard for other people to interact with you. Many times it gets in the way of people being able to enjoy the simple things of life like going to a party or going to the gym or getting involved in church. This intense interaction in certain situations is called social anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder will cripple your life and keep you from enjoying the basic necessity of needing to be connected with people. I hope to show you how to begin to conquer this issue step-by-step. Social anxiety disorder should not cripple your life.

With social anxiety disorder, one of the things that you want to be careful with is how you think of yourself. Many times people who have social anxiety disorder have such negative thoughts about themselves that they believe no one will like them! We all have things that we don't like about ourselves, but that should not stop us from being active in normal life. One step to conquering social anxiety disorder is to focus on the things that you actually have to offer people; people love to get attention and love to be loved. If you can show people, genuine attention and genuine love and concern that will be a great step towards taking your eyes off yourself. People will appreciate you because you appreciate them with no strings attached.

Take baby steps to get out of your comfort zone. Social anxiety disorder seems to keep people locked in a place that is most comfortable for them. If your a person, for example tends to go to church, but doesn't get involved in an anything. Perhaps you might want to start going to an event or two a month, then ease your way into meeting new people and so it won't be too overwhelming. The key with social anxiety disorder is to take baby steps. You don't have to feel like you have to overcome this overnight.

Another thing that you can do as a baby step to overcome social anxiety disorder is to go to lectures or support groups with people that have the same struggles. Meeting people with the same struggles often make it that much easier to connect and the more you can connect with people who understand you, the easier it will become for you to overcome social anxiety disorder.

One great tool to getting over social anxiety disorder is to find an accountability partner. This accountability partner focuses on your social anxiety disorder issues by going out to different places with you where you can meet new people. Trying new things can be a daunting task when you have social anxiety disorder but, when you take a friend that you can trust and understands your condition they can be there with you to help ease some of the nervousness and shyness and balance you out as you're learning how to interact in new situations.

The key is to go easy on yourself and know that everything is a learning process. As long as you're taking consistent steps to meet new people and be in new environments, and you will find that social anxiety disorder and no longer has a hold on you.