How To Contact Santa

As Christmas approaches, so does the time honored traditon of little children writing letters to Santa. Of course the purpose of the letter is to tell the Jolly guy just how well behaved the child has been and what they wish to see sitting under the tree Christmas morning. Some kids tell Santa in person at their local department store. But department store Santas and writing letters are not the only way to get that list to the guy in the red suit.

Our vast avenues for communication today offer children many opportunities for contacting, as well as tracking where Santa is at any given moment around the globe. Here's a list of websites and general information for getting a letter to Santa and tracking his journey.

EMAIL AND TRACK SANTA - If you are unsure about a using an unknown website to help your child email Santa, you might feel safer sending an email on the NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) web page which becomes functional on December 1.

Want to know where Santa is in the world? Check into the NORAD website where Santa is tracked. NORAD monitors the airways and reports any unscheduled planes or missiles. If they see a sleigh pulled by reindeer, you'll be sure to know about it. Norad has been tracking Santa since the 1950s and it all started with an error. In a Christmas ad, a Sears store offered a phone number for children to reach Santa. But the number was printed incorrectly. Phone calls poured into CONAD, the predecessor to NORAD. The team at CONAD checked their radar and told callers Santa's location. And so the custom began and has continued through NORAD. Families can also track Santa by calling NORAD or visiting the website. The web page shows Santa's departure from the North Pole and follows his travels across the globe. - Email your wish list or read the Santa Claus Blog. You can also email Rudolf! Site includes coloring pages. – A Santa tracker site with interactive fun for kids. Holiday FAQs include, "What makes reindeer fly?" and "How do you get in my home on Christmas when I don't have a chimney?" - In addition to interactive fun for kids, mom will find recipes and crafts. – Most of what you find on other sites, you'll find here but with a learning opportunity. Santa's winter science page includes facts about snowflakes, mistletoe and winter weather terms.


The jolly old bearded guy is too cool! He's receiving wish lists through Twitter! In North Wales, PA the Montgomery Mall will be hosting the Santa Twitter Program. Log onto Twitter to tweet a wish list to Santa @MontgoMallSanta. Parents should supervise their children on the computer.


This year hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa will be delivered via the United States Postal Service, a longtime tradition. The USPS offers these suggestions to guarantee Santa's letters are received:

- Adults should help small children address the envelope so that it is legible.

- Include a return address and zip code on the envelope.

- Do not include cookies, candy canes or other items for Santa that could be damaged in the mailing process.

Through Operation Santa Letter, Santa's helpers including postal workers, volunteers, and charitable organizations, read letters and make holiday dreams become a reality for some lucky little ones. Anyone can volunteer. Find out how by inquiring at your local post office.


Bring a Santa letter to Macy's this holiday season and drop it in the special Santa mailbox. They will donate a dollar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for every letter received and will then deliver the letter to the Post Office. For details visit Macy's.


Direct hotlines to the North Pole are available through some phone companies. Call yours for information.


Just in time for the holidays, there a new tool at the App Store. This app helps you organize your wish lists and those of friends and family. Create a personal wish list or one for those on your gift list that includes price, where to find the gift, and even a photo of the item. Share lists on Twitter and Facebook or send the lists via email. Last and most importantly, the wish list can also be sent to Santa.